Modern-Day Human Survival Guide: 10 Things to Know

ByArshad Mahmud

1. You’re at risk of a heart attack.

If your job requires a lot of sitting. And most modern-day jobs do, be aware that you’re likely to have a heart attack. There are plenty of published papers, with research done in a decade or so. The findings conclude that prolonged sitting is tied to heart disease and early death.

2. Doom scrolling is making you crazy

This behaviour is tied to your need to know the latest on everything. Psychologists find that the average level of curiosity today, would be considered crazy 30 years ago. You don’t have to know everything, and it’s okay.

3. You keep eating even when you don’t need it

A bag of chips, a chocolate bar, boba tea. Each food has a thousand brands, and a hundred of them are probably owned by the same corporation. You’re spoilt for choice. But you don’t need it. The food you need is nutritious and isn’t made fast or in a factory.

4. Don’t treat your fitness the way McDonald’s treats its burgers

You’re not fast food. You don’t have to achieve your weight in 6 months or less. It would be nice to. But you shouldn’t stress out about it. Keep moving every day, build healthy habits, and remember your health is not a passing trend.

5. You can access unlimited information

But not all of it is reliable. That’s the catch in today’s information era. There’s a lot of controlled narratives and bullshit online. You’ll have to learn how to filter the info you’re getting by comparing it with reality.

6. Opportunities are abundant

Despite what the complainers say. It’s the best time for hard workers. With above-average effort, and some thinking, you’ll beat the competition in your given industry. A good example is Netflix. It destroyed movie rentals, cable TV, and now cinema is feeling the heat.

7. Most governments in the world don’t have your best interest

Governments are made up of politicians with deep ties to royalty, not-so-nice people, and other powerful people you’ve never heard of. Governments are in the interest of themselves. They give you leftovers while keeping everything else for them and their friends.

The punchline to this sick joke? You pay them to exist.

8. Being bored is better than you think

Working on a problem? You don’t know what else to do? Sit back, relax, and allow yourself to get bored. You already know enough. Let your mind sift through, mix, match, and present ideas you may not find on the internet.

9. What you consume, you shall become

It’s the same rule with food, information, and entertainment. Take the good, leave the bad.

10. Don’t live in an information bubble

The world is smaller and more connected. But people are running away into their bubble, their “safe spaces”. Check your bias, and be open to hearing different perspectives. If you’re standing on truth, different perspectives will strengthen your thinking. If not, you’d have saved yourself from ignorance.

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