I Will Remember

ByArshad Mahmud

I do not know when and how the Gaza genocide will end. But I do know that I will never be the same after this.

I will remember the politicians in power who put on a theatrical play. 

I will remember the elites who chased profits and backdoor deals.

I will remember those promised riches by blood of their silence and inaction.

I will remember my countrymen who laughed, joked, and ridiculed me, my brothers and sisters, and our efforts to stop the genocide in Palestine.

I will remember the businesses who retaliated against us when we chose to stop funding their Zionist masters.

I will remember the companies that do everything to support an invaded country, but are silent when the invaded country is Palestine. 

I will remember the born Muslims who continue to sleep, who continue to be ignorant of their religion, and who chose to be uncaring towards their brothers and sisters in faith. 

I will remember the Ummah today and their leaders who stood by while exchanging deals, willingly, with the oppressors.

I will remember those silenced and ridiculed when they spoke against the oppressors. 

I will remember those whose hearts were softened by the belief of Palestinians, and became believers themselves.

I will remember the old, the young, the weak, and the strong, who gave everything up for the truth.

I will remember those far away but are closest to me in faith and humanity. 

I will remember, dearly, those who spoke out risking their safety and livelihood. 

I will remember, with disappointment, those who stood by and did nothing.

I will remember, with rage, those who mocked and laughed.

I will remember, unforgivingly, leaders who looked away.


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