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    Get to know 300th, a content-sharing platform, here.

    300th is content-sharing platform. Think YouTube, but for writers. We host and publish articles from individuals and brands worldwide. If you are a blogger, writer, creator or even brand, create a channel on 300th and upload your content today.

    Where ideas spread free.

    Almost all content on 300th is produced by writers worldwide. They believe this platform can help distribute their content better, and eventually expose their brands further. They come, create a channel, upload stories, grow their email subscribers and monetise their presence here on 300th.

    To give writers and creators like you, a voice. We want to get you found on Google, grow your list of email subscribers and make a decent money from your presence here. 

    You may have inspiring stories to tell. But you have limitations to overcome—low traffic to your own website or low social media followers. 


    This is where 300th comes in. Simply upload great stories here and get noticed effortlessly. 

    300th is a user-generated content-sharing platform. It is driven by writers like you. Along with time, this platform will host millions of stories, from writers worldwide. When you write and share your articles with friends and families, they come and read your stories. And they will read other stories too. Now imagine other writers do the same too. You will get readers not just from your circles, but from other people’s circles too. 

    More internet traffic coming to 300th means Google will improve our global ranking. Soon, this platform will be almost similar to YouTube. To read cool stories, people will just drop by 300th. End of story.


    The caveat is simple—your content must be high quality, authentic and meaningful. And you need to grow your email subscribers too. The more people follow you and love to read yours, your content will stretch its reach beyond your dream. 

    And guess what, these readers might view your profile too. This is where you can get them to click on your links. They’ll check out your website, podcast, social media or YouTube. 


    Not just that, each article you publish, will be emailed to your subscribers too. This is a powerful feature you can take advantage of. 

    It refers to articles, infographics, podcasts, slides and videos. We accept all of them. You can upload all of them on 300th regularly.

    It’s online, so it is available worldwide as long as you have access to the internet. 

    Most of them are avid readers who prefer to consume written content. Their background varies. Some of them are entrepreneurs, professionals, regional media communities and agencies, C-suites, academicians and the general public. There are students too. 

    Here’s why.

    (1) You can enjoy existing traffic already available in this platform. In short, you don’t have to seriously think how to amplify your articles yourself. Just share it with your friends, that’s it. We will do the rest for you.
    (2) Your content will be searchable on search engines—from Google to Bing and others. The more quality and authentic content you upload on 300th, the more searchable you’ll become.

    (3) There will be backlinks available on your profile. Here, you’re able to bring our internet traffic back to your own digital assets for monetisation.

    (4) You will generate income from 300th via the Earning Program. It’s similar to how YouTubers earn their income from YouTube. From September 1, 2023, 300th will pay $10 for a block of 1,000 views.

    (5) You will enjoy greater authority than your peers within your industry. Not many people out there can write as good as you. With 300th, standing out online is never this easy.

    (6) You can grow your own database of email subscribers. Every time your article is published on 300th, your subscribers will be notified about it immediately. And you can grow millions of them and control them as there is no algorithm whatsoever in between.

    There’s no process. Just create a channel and simply upload your article via the dashboard provided. A moderator will  review the article and its quality. Elements such as spelling, grammar, the handshake between paragraphs, the soul of the story and the overall story flow will be taken into consideration. Once the moderator gives his or her approval, you will see your content published within 48 hours from the moment you upload it. 

    Usually people love to read and share opinion-based articles. We recommend you to share your strong, in-depth opinion on certain hot issues or trending news being talked about out there. Ride on that trending conversation wave. 


    You are free to write about any topics you’re passionate about.

    The length of your content can vary. You can write a short 1-2 minutes read or a long one which is going to be at least 4-5 minutes read or more. The former will be published under the menu called Shorts while the long one will be parked under Op-ed.

    All content uploaded and published here will be exclusively owned by 300th. The platform has the rights to also distribute it to third parties in the search for internet traffic too. That being said, the content can’t be upload elsewhere after it is published here.

    Yes. From September 1, 2023, you can generate income from your content here. To register yourself to 300th Earning Program, simply fill up the form to be made available soon and pay only $2 per month. 


    The calculation is simple. For a block of 1,000 views, 300th will pay you $10. The currency we are using is US Dollar. 


    To receive the payment, you need to have PayPal. All payout will be done online through PayPal. Expect the payment between 1st to 15th each month.

    Yes, there are a few more ways to earn a decent income regularly besides the 300th Earning Program. One is affiliate marketing. You can insert backlinks that contain your affiliate codes into your articles and make good commission income out of them. Two, sponsored posts. You can approach companies to pay you to write authentic articles about them. And you can insert backlinks too to bring your audience to their respective websites. Three, selling digital products. Again use backlinks within your articles to bring your audience to your website and get them to purchase your e-books, pdf white papers or merchandises. And four, engage your service. Similar to how you are selling digital products, but this one is to bring the audience to your website and get them to engage your consulting or advisory services.

    To do these, you need to first, grow your email subscribers. The more email subscribers you have, the more views your articles will get. This is how you can secure the eyeballs and get them to click your backlinks available within your articles.

    300th has a built-in newsletter feature that allows writers like you to build and grow subscribers. You can grow millions of them. The best part of having email subscribers is that, they will be notified directly once a new content or story is published. Since it’s direct without any algorithm in between, it is made available for you for free. More subscribers mean better exposure for you. More subscribers also mean more views too. 


    To grow millions of email subscribers of your own, we recommend you to do two things. One is to write truly quality content, stories and opinions on trending topics. And two, it is crucial for you to share the published content on your social media and instant messaging such as WhatsApp and Telegram, to your close circles so that the content can be out there. Last but not least, you need to directly encourage your circle of friends to subscribe to your content on 300th.

    Yes, but don’t over do it. Those backlinks will be a no-follow.

    You need to create a channel of your own first to be able to upload your content on 300th. Once that is done, you can simply find the Upload button in Dashboard available there. 

    To upload your articles blog here, it’s pretty easy and straight-forward. But if you have podcasts on Spotify and videos on YouTube, you need to write a simple title and the introduction paragraphs first. This is important so that the readers can understand what the podcast or video is all about. The moderators will decline your podcast or video upload should there be no title and introduction paragraph explaining them. 

    To insert the URL of the Spotify or YouTube in the content field, you can click the  
    +  symbol there. It’s easy. Once that is done, you can publish the content for approval.


    It will be reviewed by the moderators and this may take up to 48 hours before the content is published. 

    No. If you aren’t able to see the content on 300th after 48 hours, the moderators may have declined it. Your email subscribers, on the other hand, will receive a notification through their email once your new content is published.

    No. We will decline it. All articles must be original and authentic. However, you can copy-paste your social media postings to 300th as articles. The latter is okay.

    Here are some reasons why your uploaded content is declined. Your content may not be publish-worthy due to it being too general, low-quality and not meaningful. 

    Only bylines, opinion-based articles and reports will be accepted. We are not keen on news. But first, you need to create a channel under your company or brand. The fee is only $9 per month. To create one, simply click here

    It’s easy. Once you’ve create a channel for your company or brand, then you can upload the press release via the dashboard provided. You will see the dashboard upon logging in. Simply comply with the criteria and it will be accepted subject to the moderators’ approval.

    You can upload unlimited bylines, opinion-based articles and reports for only US$9 per month. There is a promo now which you can enjoy the channel for free till November 2023. You can cancel the channel any time.

    You can also upload email interviews, surveys or studies outcome too. Again, we’re not keen on news.

    Yes, as long as your email is valid and legit. We will send a notification email once you register to verify. We will decline your brand registration if you aren’t able to verify the confirmation email sent.

    Use the floating Messenger box at the bottom right of your screen to send us a real-time text. We will reply you the soonest possible.