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300th is a writing platform. It hosts and publishes articles from individuals and brands across Asia. A simple platform for bloggers, writers, creators, or brands, to publish high-quality articles.

Just create an account and start writing. All articles will go through a moderator. If everything is okay, your article will be published within 48 hours. To become a writer on 300th is free. The $4 per month fee is only for Premium users who wish to monetise their content.

The length is up to you. Yet, the best length is usually when you can write a meaningful and thoughtful article that readers appreciate. 

All content uploaded and published here will be exclusively owned by 300th. We will use the rights to distribute your articles that we know will give you the most benefit. 

Yes. Only for Premium users. You can monetise your content immediately. Payouts are based on a block of 1,000 views per article per month, for US$15. 

If one of your articles published in January 2024 has 1,800 views, you will receive $15 for it. The first block of 1,000 views will be counted. If a different article of yours has 2,100 views in that month, you will receive $30. In total, you will receive $45 for that month alone. 

All payout will be done online through PayPal. Expect the payment between 10th to 15th of the following month. The views for all articles will be reset every month.

300th has a built-in newsletter feature that allows you to build and grow subscribers. Your subscribers will be notified once you publish an article.

Plus, you have full ownership over your subscriber list.

It will be reviewed by the moderators and this may take up to 48 hours before the content is published.

Yes. Sign up for a brand account and upload news, announcements, press releases, opinion pieces or reports. To create one, simply click here

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