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300th is content platform. Think YouTube, but for writers. We host and publish articles from individuals and brands across Asia. If you are a blogger, writer, creator or even brand, create an account on 300th, upload your articles today and make yourself searchable on the internet right away. This is where ideas spread free.

There’s no process. Just create a channel and simply upload your article via the dashboard provided. A moderator will review the article and its quality. Elements such as spelling, grammar, the article’s structure and the overall readability will be taken into consideration. Once the moderator gives his or her approval, you will see your content published within 48 hours from the moment you upload it. 

Usually people love to read opinion-based articles. They will read and then share it if the stories resonate with them. It would be great if you can write about your opinion on certain hot issues or trending news being talked about out there. Ride on that trending conversation wave—any topic you are passionate about. Give it a good title, a great image to accompany the article and the substance of it, that is it.


The length is up to you. It can be as short as 400 words or 1-2 minutes read or it can be long as in 4-5 minutes read or more. FYI, the longer the better actually. Search engines (and people) loves cool, authentic and long stories. 

All content uploaded and published here will be exclusively owned by 300th. The platform has the rights to also distribute it to third parties in the search for internet traffic too. We need both rights to ensure you get massive traffic for you to monetise better. The content is not allowed to be published elsewhere once it is published here—unless we are okay with it.

Yes. Sign up as a Premium user and monetise your content immediately. The calculation is simple. For a block of 1,000 views per article per month, 300th will pay you US$15. 

Examples. If one of your articles published in January 2024 has 1,800 views that month itself, you will receive $15 for it. The first block of 1,000 views will be counted. If there is another article of yours for January 2024 has 2,100 views that month as well, you will receive $30 for that article. In total, you will receive $45 for January 2024. 

All payout will be done online through PayPal. Expect the payment between 10th to 15th of the following month. The views for all articles will be reset for each month.

Yes, there are a few more ways to earn a decent income regularly besides the 300th Earning Program. One is affiliate marketing. You can insert backlinks that contain your affiliate codes into your articles and make good commission income out of them. There are a number of affiliate programs out there you can choose from. Two, sponsored posts. You can approach companies to pay you to write authentic articles about them. Simply insert backlinks in your articles to bring your audience to their respective websites. 


Three, selling digital products. Use backlinks within your articles to bring your audience to your website and get them to purchase your e-books, pdf white papers or merchandises. And four, engage your service. Similar to how you are selling digital products, but this one is to bring the audience to your website and get them to engage your consulting or advisory services.

300th has a built-in newsletter feature that allows writers like you to build and grow your own subscribers. You can grow millions of them. The best part of having email subscribers is that, they will be notified directly once a new article is published. Since it’s direct without any algorithm in between, it is made available for you to build a better online authority. More subscribers mean better exposure for you. More subscribers also would mean more views too. 

To grow millions of email subscribers of your own, we recommend you to do two things. One is to write truly quality articles, stories and opinions on trending topics. And two, it is crucial for you to share the published articles on your social media and instant messaging such as WhatsApp and Telegram, with your close circles. 

It will be reviewed by the moderators and this may take up to 48 hours before the content is published. Usually, it will be earlier.

Yes. Simply sign up as Brand and upload not just news but also announcements, press releases on product launching, bylines, opinion-based articles and reports too. To create one, simply click here

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