Google Cracks Down On Unwanted Mass Emails In Gmail

ByNews Asia 360

Heads up everyone. Starting April 2024, Gmail is tightening its belt on unwanted emails you blast to individual users. Expect increasing message rejections if you don’t play by the new rules.

From April, Google will slowly but surely block an increasing number of emails that don’t follow the guidelines. In other words, Gmail to start rejecting non-compliant emails. Currently, senders are seeing temporary errors as a warning shot. By June 1st, all commercial and promotional emails must offer a clear and easy way for recipients to unsubscribe with just one click. One-click unsubscribe will be made mandatory. Bulk senders (reaching 5,000+ Gmail accounts daily) must authenticate their emails, verifying their legitimacy and reducing phishing risks. The platform will prioritise authentication to strengthen security. And finally, no unsolicited emails are allowed. Bulk senders can’t spam people who haven’t opted-in to receive their messages. 

These changes only impact mass emails sent to individual Gmail accounts (think @gmail.com and @googlemail.com addresses). Google Workspace accounts are in a different league.

Google aims to boost security and give users more control over their inboxes. By weeding out unauthenticated and unwanted emails, the risk of phishing attacks and spoofing decreases, making everyone happier. Meeting these requirements can actually benefit you! Reaching the right audience becomes easier when malicious actors have fewer loopholes to exploit.

If you send mass emails to Gmail users, adapt your practices to comply with the new guidelines. Embrace authentication, offer easy unsubscribes, and avoid unsolicited emails. By playing fair, you’ll build trust and reach the right people more effectively.

Image — DeviantArt

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