You Don’t Necessarily Need Big Followers, You Need Visitors To Make Money Online

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

Recently, I made a comeback on Medium. Thanks to their new announcement recently to include Malaysia as part of its Partner Program, together with a few other countries. In other words, it would mean that Medium will start paying writers from Malaysia whose articles met the criteria required by the platform for it. As a matter of fact, my own content-sharing platform, 300th, is about to launch our Earning Program too—happening this September 1, 2023.

Getting myself active again on Medium also means that I am now spending more time reading too. There are a lot of cool articles around. Last week I came across a great piece written by Kristen Walters. She wrote a short opinion about this topic, “You don’t necessarily need followers, you need traffic.” Although it is just a minute-read piece, it leaves me with a great impact. 

What she wrote in the article makes a lot of sense to me. And I think she is right. Creating big followers and email subscribers takes a longer time. We are talking about building trust here, and it is not going to be quick. But I’ve seen content creators, professionals and companies sell their products and services much faster by taking the second route—acquiring visitors or traffic to their assets.

Assets here can be your website, landing page, social media or even landing pages. By getting a lot of visitors here, you are about to cater to people who simply searching for products or services to solve their pressing problems, check it out in detail, purchase it and use it after that. As a matter of fact, not all customers are following the brands on social media or subscribe to their email newsletters. These people simply trust the quality of the product, trust the services that come along with the product and the great user experience when they want to purchase it. 


Of course, there are also people who follow you, trust you and consume all your content, but that is just another type of customer segment you need to work on too. While you are working on this stuff which will take time, you can always push the other side of the equation too—by acquiring the visitors or traffic.

And this is a much quicker way to make money online rather than waiting for your followers to hit 100,000 first. 

.  .  .

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