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    Women Prioritize Wellbeing and Freedom, Redefining Success

    Women are redefining success by prioritizing wellbeing and seeking freedom in their lives. They leave their jobs and enjoy a slower pace in pursuit of happiness.

    Many women reevaluate their priorities and opt for well-being, creativity, and freedom over traditional career paths. The impact of COVID measures, cultural challenges, relationship strains, and work-related burnout are some factors driving women to prioritize their overall well-being. According to a recent survey of 500 Australian women for the Deloitte 2023 Women At Work, a significant percentage of Australian women left their jobs in 2022, with flexibility around working hours and ongoing burnout cited as key reasons for their decision.

    Finding Fulfillment in Tranquil Living and Nature’s Embrace

    Jodie Tuckwell-Knight talking about quitting her job and prioritizing health

    Jodie Tuckwell-Knight |

    In pursuing a more fulfilling lifestyle, women adopt slower-paced living, often in regional areas. Jodie Tuckwell-Knight, for instance, left her stressful role as a chief executive in Melbourne during the intense COVID lockdown period. She relocated to a coastal town, prioritizing self-care, nature, and personal interests such as art therapy. Similarly, others are finding solace in nature, with the “sea changer” and “tree changer” migration trend witnessing a surge in people relocating to natural environments, especially during the pandemic.

    The shift towards prioritizing well-being, creativity, and freedom reflects a desire for a more balanced and fulfilling life. Women are reevaluating their values, taking time for self-care, and seeking inspiration in nature. As they embrace alternative paths and focus on personal growth, they find healing, joy, and a sense of belonging outside the traditional confines of work.

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