Why You Need To Be Good At Writing In A World Where Everyone Is Talking

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

I have a number of dominant-type friends and colleagues who have this habit of cutting short other people’s conversations. Usually, they will control the scene during the discussion, online brainstorming or even coffee session. Their ideas, not all of them are really that good. No matter how annoying that can be, there is no way this habit can be changed that easily. I guess they are truly talkers, and talkers can easily get offended.

This bunch of people are active online too—especially on social media. The virtue of being a dominant person and talker, creating content, especially videos and podcasts, is super easy for them. It seems that the ideas of what to talk about are always there in their head—hardly dries up. 

There’s no doubt there are many people like this around the world. No wonder the ‘experts’ of the world predicted that the videos are going to outmanoeuvred written content. Yes, they said writing and blogging are heading towards extinction—as in obsolete. And videos are going to be the mainstream content type now and in the future. That is a pretty bold statement.

I disagree. 

There are a huge number of people in this world out there who prefers to express themselves and reflect on their experiences through the power of writing. These are the reserved type of people and I am one of them. They aren’t comfortable producing content through videos or even audio-based podcasts, yet they can express themselves better by writing their thoughts out beautifully. Give them a laptop, they can write a cool structured story in no time. Give them a day, they could come up easily with more than five inspiring stories hands down. To them, writing helps them to stay structured.

And they are doing this simply because there are still many readers out there. Even Google Search is also prioritising written content when indexing to make them searchable. Inspiring stories not only can be found in videos but also in writing. Not everyone enjoys watching video after video, it can be tiring. These people opt for reading because it can help the brain to relax. To the younger generations, reading is good because it improves your spelling and grammar, and communication skills. Of late, we often come across some cases where students and young adults can’t even spell simple words correctly, let alone craft long sentences or a story. Thanks to their habit of spending too much on mobile phones, watching unnecessary stuff on video platforms and lack of reading, this limitation could be fatal when they want to apply for employment, start a company or communicate with other professionals.

I’m not a video person, more of a writing person actually. And the reason why I need to stay good at writing is simply that there are readers out there who need to be inspired by stories, experiences and insights written by someone like me that could be useful to his or her personal journey to find success. I also need to stay good at writing because my content can be searchable on Google and other search engines and stay above the noise. These are the reasons why you need to be good at writing. Let the world talks, we write. In fact, meaningful and inspiring content can easily be found in writing than in videos. 

So yeah, let’s write.

. . .

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