Why Having Long-Term Goals Will Lead You To Live Life With A Sense Of Purpose

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

Have you ever wondered what gives some people that weird level of high energetic vibes, with no sign of burning out whatsoever in their lives despite being so busy? The person simply can still look fresh and sharp despite his or her age or how late it is that day. 

Long-term life goals

That is the answer. They know what they want in life, period. Just like these people, having a clear vision of where you want to be in the distant future can bring a whole new level of fulfilment and purpose to your everyday existence. Let me tell you why. 

Here’s why it is important

These special breeds of people do not treat their long-term goals like your new year’s resolutions. They know what they want, what the endgame is going to be. Their long-term goals are backed by strategies and tactics on how to achieve them through the power of working on them backwards. Meaning, from the goals setup, they then develop a timeline full of strategies which are to be fulfilled with short-term tactics. And the timeline usually is in years. It could be 5 years, more or less, dependent on the individual. In my case, I do this every 5 years.

I know, not many people have long-term goals. They simply do not know what they want, say 5 years from now, or 10 years from now. I think it is because they like to take their lives one day at a time. Or, they look at it on an annual basis. Or, stay content with the present routines since life is already so comfortable right now. The rest, they are leaving it to fate. 

I would say this is dangerous—because life is fragile and prone to many external risks poised to give you problems. And these problems will somehow be associated with money. In most cases, you won’t be ready for it. Without knowing where you’re headed, you might feel lost, aimless, or even stuck in a rut. In short, you will live life cluelessly as you aren’t sure where you’re headed. There is no compass in your life.

This might then lead you to burnout, stress out and feel empty. It’s like you do not have a reason why you wake up each morning for. Again, this is due to the fact that you do not have long-term goals. 

Imagine this

Imagine for a second here that you have goals that you want to achieve in a few years’ time. This is what you will experience. 

You will be able to see beyond the present moment. For example, instead of getting caught up in temporary setbacks or disappointments, you’re able to see them as mere bumps on the road, challenges you simply need to face as part of a larger narrative. This perspective shift enables you to bounce back faster, learn from your experiences, adapt your strategies and make your next move. You become more resilient and less discouraged by temporary failures because you know they are just stepping stones on your journey towards your ultimate purpose.

My goals

Remember, long-term goals do not have to be bold and shiny involving wealth, luxury cars and houses or millions of dollars in the bank. When I plan my life, it is always on a 5-year interval. After I sort of achieved my last 5-year goals back in 2021, I must say that I struggled with the next one. I simply didn’t know what do I want when I reach 55 in the next five years. It took me a year to come up with my upcoming life goals, which I think is crucial. 

In the end, after a few rounds of long road trips and reading some articles, I finally came up with these seven things I truly want to achieve by 2028 should I still be around.

Here they are just in case you wish to know. And no, it doesn’t focus on money too much.

  1. Slow down the work-life pace. This would mean I no longer be active in running the business and professional engagements day-in-day-out. Once as and when required. Fully retiring will make me age faster I know, that is why I do not intend to fully quit. Just slowing down the pace would be good enough.
  2. More time. With more time in hand, I can do more things I want to do. Enjoying long road trips, and writing cool articles at the best-located Starbucks in Malaysia is always top of my list.
  3. Stabilise the passive income sources. Securing my future income, making sure it keeps coming in despite being away from business and professional activities, is key. In my case here, I have several incomes coming from my internet businesses. Although not much, they are growing. 
  4. Write long-form articles weekly. I love blogging. My subjects are always going to be related to marketing strategy, entrepreneurship and life. This habit will keep me sharp and structured long term. 
  5. Living life moderately. I’ve always lived life moderately and will continue to do so. This is also crucial as I do not need to incur any unnecessary expenses or debt at this stage of life. The idea is to ensure that I have as less monthly expenses as possible, zero debt, enough savings and enough assets to produce monthly passive income for me to sustain myself and my family.
  6. Stay healthy. I had a life-threatening heart attack back in 2019. Seriously, I doubt I want to painful experience that ever again. That being said, I am keeping myself active since then by doubling down on sweating daily, having enough sleep each night and minimising my sugar intake too. This decent habit should keep me away from those hefty hospital bills.
  7. Keep a small but meaningful circle of friends. They are like my family. They are real friends. These people whom I can call them anytime for coffee, those that I can hang out with and enjoy unfiltered conversations with without feeling guilty, are gold. These are the friends who would come to my funeral and I can go to theirs to give respect to. And they are always going to be special to me, forever.

To me, this list is practical. It’s not that ambitious but enough. And I am working on these by crafting strategic smaller steps now, building a journey that will lead me closer to or achieve these endgames in five years’ time.

To recap

You know, long-term goals can inspire you to be better. It somehow creates a ripple effect of positivity and purpose. When people witness your dedication and passion towards achieving your dreams, they can’t help but be inspired. Your journey becomes a source of motivation for others, encouraging them to find their own sense of purpose and set their long-term goals as well. By living with a sense of purpose, you could probably become a role model, igniting a spark in others and contributing to a more purpose-driven world. Or at least within your personal ecosystem of friends and families.

So, if you’ve been feeling like life lacks direction or that you’re just going through the motions, consider setting a long-term goal. Whatever the goals are, let them guide you, inspire you, and give your life a renewed sense of purpose. Remember, it’s never too late to start dreaming of a great endgame for yourself. 

What’s your endgame like, any idea?

. . .

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