When Prank Goes Wrong, The Puteri Rafasya Story


Everyone enjoys a little playful game once in a while. However, playfulness can sometimes be destructive. That is exactly what happened to a child actress, Puteri Rafasya Abdul Rauf. One Twitter user, @ari757 reported that one of the other children pulled Puteri Rafasya’s chair when she was trying to sit. The incident happened during the shooting of a drama (Jaga Aku Selamanya) in Selangor. Up until the day that this case was tweeted, no apology was issued by the doer nor the parents.

It’s understood that the child actress broke her hip bone after her spine was hit by a tripod’s legs. A month after the incident, Puteri Rafasya was still unable to walk. In order to move, she has to rely on a wheelchair. In addition, she also has to use diapers!

It is saddening because the actress is only 12 years old! According to the same Twitter user, her nervous system is totally damaged hence she’s unable to control her bladder. The numbing effects also make her to unable to walk or sit.

The user also provided pictures of Puteri Rafasya in the hospital. She looks scared and traumatized by the event that occurred to her.

Other Twitter users were enraged by the unfortunate event and were quick to suggest a course of action to be taken. One user, @nabilaadii_ , suggested that Puteri Rafasya’s parents take legal action against the doer.

On 22nd of March 2023, Channel News Asia reported that the mother is planning to take legal action due to the injury caused by the chair-pulling action. She has appointed a lawyer and is waiting for the medical report to determine what she would do next.

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