What Is Servant Leadership And How To Adopt This Style Of Leadership

ByMohd Azad Jasmi

Servant Leadership is a leadership philosophy that emphasizes the importance of serving others first and leading second. Instead of the traditional top-down approach to leadership, Servant Leaders focus on empowering their team members and creating an environment of trust and collaboration.

What is Servant Leadership actually?

At its core, Servant Leadership is about putting the needs of others before your own. This means taking a genuine interest in the personal and professional development of your team members and actively seeking to help them achieve their goals. By doing so, Servant Leaders create a culture of trust and respect, where team members feel valued, heard, and empowered to take ownership of their work.

Servant Leadership is not just a feel-good philosophy; it has been shown to be an effective approach to leadership in many industries and contexts. Studies have found that organizations with Servant Leaders tend to have higher employee engagement, lower turnover rates, and better overall performance than those with traditional authoritarian leaders.

One of the key tenets of Servant Leadership is the idea of leading by example. This means that Servant Leaders must embody the values and behaviors they want to see in their team members. They must be willing to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work alongside their team, rather than simply delegating tasks and giving orders.

Another important aspect of Servant Leadership is the idea of active listening. Servant Leaders must be willing to listen to the ideas, concerns, and feedback of their team members and take them seriously. By doing so, they create an environment where everyone feels heard and valued, which in turn leads to better collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Servant Leadership is a powerful and effective approach to leadership that can help organizations grow and thrive. By putting the needs of others first and leading by example, Servant Leaders create a culture of trust and collaboration that leads to higher employee engagement, lower turnover rates, and better overall performance.

By adopting a servant leadership approach, you can effectively engage and retain your staff while setting your organization up for long-term success.

Throughout my career, I have encountered numerous managers and leaders, observing their interactions with team members and their organizational strategies. Of all the leadership styles, I have always been drawn to Servant Leadership. Perhaps it resonates with me because it aligns with my own approach to managing teams. I often emphasize to interviewees, coaching clients, and trainees that “I’m not the boss. The company is the boss.”

It’s essential to efficiently manage the company in service to the organisation’s goals. This requires setting aside one’s ego, and recognizing that even as someone who has run the company for 15-30 years, we may not always have the best ideas. Interns and new hires may bring valuable insights that we should acknowledge. Rather than relying on our position as the owner to dictate decisions, we must be objective, prudent, and realistic in finding the best solutions and suggestions to serve the “boss.”

The Importance of Servant Leadership The objective of servant leadership can be summed up as giving your employees more power and ensuring that they are content. This administration style brings about workers with a more noteworthy obligation to the organization and more excitement and energy for keeping clients blissful.

You will have to give up some of the benefits and authority that come with being in a leadership position. It’s a selfless strategy that often comes from strong religious beliefs, but it can also be a secular strategy. Instead of focusing on a specific set of rules, servant leadership is about how you approach your management role.

How does it work?

Here I place some methods which I think will be effective. Follow these moves to assist you with fostering the abilities of a worker chief.

  1. Show others how it is done. A worker chief ought to continuously lead their group as a visual cue. You should be willing to do anything your team asks of you as a servant leader. Motivating your team members to participate in both their work and the organization is made easier when they see that you are willing to put in the same amount of effort and work as them.
  2. Demonstrate to employees how important their work is to the organization’s overall success. When employees are convinced that their work contributes to the success of the organization as a whole, they are more likely to put in extra effort to help it succeed. You ought to attempt to ensure your colleagues know why the work they do is significant and what their work straightforwardly means for the organization’s general achievement.
  3. Facilitate teamwork and engagement among employees. Servant leaders are also adept at making their teams feel that their input is valued. It demonstrates to your team that you care about what they have to say and appreciate their contributions when you take steps to encourage teamwork and suggest ways to improve the organization. This may inspire your team to work harder to produce work of a higher quality.
  4. Contribute to the development and growth of your team. Servant leaders are interested not only in helping their team members become great leaders but also in becoming great leaders themselves. To assist your team in expanding their knowledge and skills, you should encourage them to participate in programs for employee development and continuing education.
    You can urge colleagues to take dynamic influential positions during bunch projects. They are more likely to take into consideration suggestions for enhancing their work if they are aware that you are committed to their professional development.
  5. Show your team members that you care about them. Being sympathetic and trying to offer advice when you can help your employees better manage personal stress and achieve a better work-life balance At the point when your group feels that they matter as people and not similarly as representatives, they are bound to be content about coming to work and creating quality work.
  6. Constantly looking for ways to contribute to their team. When members of your team have an idea to improve workflow or help the business succeed, encourage them to offer feedback. Try to give your team members the confidence to come to you with ideas at any time, and ask people who don’t normally give feedback often.


Servant Leadership has numerous benefits that can lead to the growth and success of an organization. By prioritising the needs of others, actively listening, promoting ownership and accountability, and encouraging continuous learning and development, this leadership style can create a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation.

This can later lead to increased employee engagement, better communication and collaboration, higher productivity, and better performance overall. Furthermore, Servant Leadership can create a positive work environment where employees feel valued and empowered, which can lead to improved morale, lower turnover rates, and higher levels of job satisfaction.

I personally think and believe that Servant Leadership is a highly effective leadership style that can help organisations achieve their goals and thrive in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment. It’s my choice of leadership style so to speak.

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