What Is Going To Happen If The Militant Israel Wins The War?

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

First things first. The militant Israel won’t be able to win this war. That’s my take. This terrorist army doesn’t have what it takes to secure it. Let me tell you why. Despite being equipped with the latest tech, rockets and weapons, they are basically cowards. Rather than showing us real evidence about them combatting the Hamas freedom fighters, they are showing the world their stupidity by killing civilians especially unarmed Palestinian men, women and children instead. They are showing the world their stupidity by flattening the Gaza Strip too. Today, the world is well aware of the Israeli’s grand scheme of intention—to steal the entire land, kill every single Palestinian and erase Palestine entirely from the world map for good. 

While the Hamas freedom fighters are fighting the militant army of Israel, the latter somehow focus their attention on the civilians and random bombings. I guess their idea here is to weaken the Palestinians into giving up. If the United Nations and the world leaders continue to stay silent about the crime, the entire Palestine could potentially fall to the terrorist organisation called Israel.

But what is going to happen if the militant Israel wins this war? 

Let’s think about it for a moment. With the present development happening around the world, the sentiment is pretty much against the Israelis. The word Israel itself is directly being with genocide, exactly the same as we are heard about the word Nazi. As a matter of fact, Israel is far worse than the Nazis. Minus off the USA, France, the UK, Germany and a few other Arab countries here and there, they have no other friends. The world wants to stay away from the word Israel, let alone doing business with them.

Israel will be made ‘legal’ one way or another as a state, but people around the world know that this is not the case. They are arrogant, can’t be trusted, murderers and thieves. People will stay away from Israel. The boycott of their products will continue to happen across the globe. People won’t even want to shake hands with the Israelis. In the end, despite their ability to steal everything and ‘win’, they are economically on the losing end. That is from the international front.

While in the ‘country’, the residents won’t live their lives in peace. They need to carry guns to run errands, wear bulletproof vests while sending their kids to school and continue to live life in fear. There will still be bombings and shootings coming from the resistance fighters. Gradually, many will consider leaving Israel due to fear.

Sincerely I hope the freedom fighters will win, retrieve their land entirely for good, kick every single Zionist out of the country and live life happily ever after.

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