What Is 300th? It’s A Writing Platform. Think YouTube But For Writers

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Putting the distribution of the written content on steroid, a new writing platform that focused on it has just relaunched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

300th aims to offer opportunities to all bloggers, writers, and companies by ‘bringing up the ability to distribute written content to the next level’. If you exactly don’t know what that means, we break it all down for you below.

What is 300th?

Established with writers, bloggers, and authentic stories in mind, 300th describes itself as YouTube for writers. It is as simple as that. It allows the content creators of this platform to push their content to the world through the power of community, search engine optimisation, and email newsletters.

Discussing the platform’s point of difference, one of the 300th co-founders Norazizah Surip said, “The existing challenge for the writers, bloggers and storytellers right now is to make their content seen. And for businesses to have their news out there affordably. Having the content seen, be it news or opinion-based articles, will be a strong starting point for them to build a better awareness or monetisation journey.

How does 300th work?

Similar to YouTube, everything is self-service. If the user wishes to write an article under his or her personal name, a channel can be created under his or her own name. The user will then see a dashboard where he or she can upload a new article, and edit or delete existing ones. In the dashboard, the user can also see a list of subscribers who follow them via email. This powerful newsletter feature will allow the user to grow their online authority by growing their subscribers on the platform. The more subscribers they have, the more views they will get for their articles as notifications will be sent to them every time a new content is uploaded. With this method, there’s no algorithm in between.

“Our goal is to create a platform that is valuable to all writers, bloggers, storytellers and content creators, whether you are an individual or a company,” Norazizah said.

She explained that the platform will give all writers, bloggers and businesses access to what only a few have ever had in the past. “I think there’s so many people who can write meaningful stories but they don’t have the proper channel to distribute them besides their own website that has no traffic and social media that has no followers,” the co-founder added. “For companies, they have to pay tons of money to publishers to publish their media releases, which I think all these are things of the past. Now, with 300th, they have a better chance to take control of how they want to distribute their content and tell the world what they have—for free.”

300th is free to use for individual users and companies, however, there is a $4 per month fee if the user wishes to monetise their content or stories.

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