‘We will not take sides’ South African President Hits Back After False Accusation From The US

News Asia 360
ByNews Asia 360

The South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa is making waves. His no-nonsense response to the US has garnered national support. His response embodies the current thinking of South Africa.

South Africa is tired of childish politics.

Since the Ukraine-Russia war broke out, South Africa has been under immense pressure by the Western world to denounce Russia. This also means breaking diplomatic or economic ties with Russia.

South Africa has always maintained a non-aligned stance. Welcoming friendly relations between Russia and the US. The country has participated in many non-aligned forums, where other countries share the same sentiment.

“Throughout, we have been firm on this point: South Africa has not been, and will not be, drawn into a contest between global powers.” Cyril Ramaphosa firmly expressed this in his weekly presidential letter.

South Africa’s stance is well-known globally. However, recent developments to undermine South Africa’s image and nature has led President Cyril Ramaphosa to repeat the country’s stance. One recent development involves the US ambassador Reuben Brigety.

Reuben Brigety in a press media accused South Africa for selling weapons to Russia. This wild claim has been refuted. Forcing the US ambassador to give an apology. An apology, pundits label as “a half-hearted apology”.

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