Unaware Of Granddaughter’s Prank, Grandma Ended Up Praying To Ultraman For A Month

News Asia 360
ByNews Asia 360

A young woman’s mischievous deed led to her facing some consequences as she covertly swapped her grandmother’s Guanyin portrait with an image of the iconic fictional character, Ultraman. Despite the evident transformation in appearance, the elderly woman went on praying in front of the Ultraman portrait for an entire month without realising it.

An elderly lady’s response to the blasphemous prank made a huge impact when posted on the Weibo platform in China, having been ‘liked’ more than 7,300 times so far.

Image | SAYS

In the short clip, the grandmother expressed her displeasure towards her granddaughter’s mischievous behaviour in Hokkien – so much so that it made her feel like she wanted to “vomit blood”.

The clip showed an older woman laughing her heart out at the amusing scene, with her granddaughter sheepishly joining in. However, this prompted grandma to jokingly scold them both, proclaiming that she’d be ‘angered to death’.

Even though the elderly matriarch was upset by the prank, both her daughter and granddaughter had a hard time controlling their fits of laughter at her reaction. At the end of the video, though, one can make out a small smile on the woman’s face.

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