Trip Trouble: How Popular Vacay Spots Could Land You in Jail

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ByNews Asia 360

Korean travelers beware! Tripping abroad might land you in hot water, literally. Korean intelligence is warning vacationers about the dangers of unwittingly consuming cannabis-infused edibles while overseas.

This is especially true in popular destinations like Thailand, where cannabis products are legal and can be found in surprising places, like cannabis-seasoned pork belly!

The problem? These edibles often lack clear English or Korean labeling, making it easy for tourists to ingest them unknowingly.

This can lead to big trouble upon returning to Korea, where cannabis is illegal. Even accidental consumption can trigger a criminal investigation, and those caught deliberately indulging could face jail time.

The dangers go beyond legal repercussions. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) warns that consuming these products can also make you a target for criminals.

Imagine being under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms (also sold openly in some places) and vulnerable to extortion or kidnapping. Not exactly the relaxing vacation you had in mind.

So, the next time you’re jet-setting, be cautious about what you consume.

Stick to familiar foods and beware of anything that seems too good (or trippy) to be true. This way, you’ll ensure a safe and unforgettable vacation – for all the right reasons.

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