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    TikTok: We Are Now Testing ‘Tako’, An AI Chatbot

    This could be a game-changer.

    TikTok is now beta-testing Tako, an AI chatbot that can suggest videos to users based on their queries. Both Reuters and Bloomberg confirmed this development in their separate reports.

    A Tel Aviv-based firm, Watchful Technologies, reported that Apple devices had a similar chatbot feature. This was confirmed through screenshots and analysis from both reports which highlighted the existence of the chatbot.

    TikTok announced that they are trialling Tako – a third-party technology-based feature – among certain users in the Philippines. They confirmed this in a series of tweets. The firm has recently started to look at potential applications for the technology, with the primary focus being how it can assist with searches and discoveries in their app. They are still in the preliminary stages of investigation.

    If TikTok follows through with its plans to launch a chatbot, it is sure to revolutionize the way people search and navigate within the app. This could be a game-changer, according to Daniel Buchuk of Watchful Technologies, as per the reports highlighted.

    Tako can be accessed quickly and easily with the ghost icon on the right side of videos. It offers users a range of features like answering questions and holding conversations. Although it can be quite a useful tool, this feature is experimental and cannot be trusted for important matters such as medical care, legal advice, or financial decision-making. Therefore, Bloomberg advises users not to rely on it.

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