This Woman Exposes What It’s Like Dating Korean Men—From Rapists, Sexists To Many More


If you are a fan of Korean dramas you’d probably have seen the sweet, cute, and romantic array of scenes where the hero and heroin were madly in love and go through the ups and downs of a relationship. However, the truth might be far from the well-written scripts.

Recently, a TikTok account, @kbootyjenny posted a video of a woman, while doing her makeup, telling the reality about dating Korean men.

The woman claimed that the idea of ideal men from K-pop and K-drama are pure fantasy and that they don’t exist in real life. According to her, Koreans are left behind by a decade when it comes to social issues. She even provided a statistics that she acquired in school where 50.7% Korean men have paid money for the purpose of prostitution.

She also stated that most Korean males do not understand the concept of consent. She added, “most Korean guys will think it’s okay to take a drunk girl from the club and take her to a motel. And that is exactly why ladies in Korea are strongly encouraged not to get really drunk at Korean club because someone will take advantage of you”.

She also added that apart from all those, these men are also racist and homophobic without providing further explanation.

This video has gained 250K likes on TikTok and 18.4M views on Twitter. The Twitter owner who reposted this on the site slammed her commentary saying that she’s throwing her race under the bus just for clout.

However, Twitter people have something else to say. Like this user who claimed that these allegations are true and she has experienced it first hand. Her quote tweet alone has received 1.4 million views.

There were a lot of comments in the original tweet supporting this woman’s allegations. I think when it comes to women’s rights and safety issues, it is best to listen and withhold any bias. I understand that we don’t live in a perfect world, however, isn’t safety a part of the basic component in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

If the society cannot provide women with the basic then how are we going to progress?

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