The Power Of Productive Procrastination

ByAdlina Ahmad

Have you ever heard of the term “productive procrastinator”? It may sound like an oxymoron, but trust me; IT IS A REAL THING. As a self-proclaimed productive procrastinator, I’ve honed the art of getting things done while skillfully avoiding the tasks at hand. It’s like a dance between productivity and procrastination, and believe me when I said; I’ve become quite the expert at it.

You see, being a productive procrastinator is all about finding the silver lining in procrastination. Instead of diving headfirst into a daunting task, I’ve learned to channel my energy into other productive endeavors. Need to write a report? First, let me organize my workspace, brainstorm some ideas, and maybe even squeeze in a quick workout. By accomplishing other tasks, I maintain a sense of accomplishment and motivation, which fuels my productivity when I finally tackle the main mission.

Being creative to be more productive

Being Creative to Be More Productive

But being a productive procrastinator is not just about clever time management. It’s also about embracing creativity and thinking outside the box. Rather than following the beaten path, I find myself exploring unconventional approaches and innovative solutions. Sure, it might seem like I’m just avoiding the task, but this creative detour enhances the quality of my work. It’s like taking a scenic route to a destination – you might not get there the fastest, but you’ll arrive with a unique perspective and a job well done.

In a world that often sees procrastination as a hindrance, being a productive procrastinator is a secret superpower. It’s about finding balance, leveraging your strengths, and maximizing productivity in a unique way. So, embrace your inner productive procrastinator and let the dance begin!

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