The Line Of Freedom

ByHaidar Bajrai

So what is the line?

I am that one of the many people you talk to today, who will give full support for independence. Freedom of work, freedom of speech, freedom of trying, and anything else that allows that specific person to try and experience it for themselves rather than learning it in other ways.

It’s unfair, I suppose because I’m fighting for it, even though I know that learning from the experiences of others is far superior to trying and failing as many times as the previous person did. But the context on which I want to focus today is more than just the freedom to try. It is far superior, and it raises questions that we may never be able to answer.

How far can freedom go, is there a limit to freedom?

Don’t cross the yellow line

For many years, social media has played a significant role in the narrative of freedom in today’s world. It has evolved into a forum for people to freely express their opinions and ideas. However, this freedom of expression can be abused and lead to false narratives. With the spread of opposing viewpoints and beliefs, it has become increasingly difficult to agree on what constitutes freedom.

The LGBTQ+ community is one such example, with opposing views on whether it should be accepted or not. This has resulted in numerous online debates and arguments, making it difficult to reach a conclusion.

There should be no dividing line between right and wrong if all parties have a thorough understanding of what freedom implies. Before engaging in these discussions, it is critical that we understand the fundamentals of what makes us free. We cannot have meaningful discussions or reach an agreement on this topic unless we understand the underlying freedom principles.

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