The Importance of Being Close to Our Parents

ByMohd Azad Jasmi

As I sat with my parents in my hometown of Perlis, Malaysia, a wave of gratitude washed over me. In those quiet moments, as I gently massaged my mother’s feet, I couldn’t help but reflect on the preciousness of time and the importance of cherishing moments spent with loved ones. It was during these simple yet profound interactions that I was reminded of the blessings bestowed upon me by the Almighty.

As I tenderly cared for my mother, I found myself engulfed in a whirlwind of emotions – gratitude for the opportunity to be present, a sense of contentment in her company, and a tinge of regret for not having spent more time with her earlier. In that bittersweet moment, a thought occurred to me – why not share this realization with others? And thus, the idea of writing an article on the significance of being close to our parents was born.

I invite you to journey with me as we explore the profound wisdom of Islam, timeless quotes, and personal reflections that underscore the importance of honoring and cherishing our parents. May this article serve as a gentle reminder to prioritize our relationships with our parents amidst the hustle and bustle of life, for in their love lies a treasure beyond measure.

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of success, wealth, and worldly ambitions. We often find ourselves engrossed in our careers, striving for financial stability and professional recognition. However, amidst the clamor of daily life, it’s essential to remember one fundamental aspect of our existence – the importance of being close to our parents.

As we navigate through the complexities of adulthood, it’s crucial to cherish and nurture the bond we share with our parents. They are the ones who have selflessly cared for us since our infancy, guiding us through life’s trials and triumphs with unwavering love and support. Yet, as we grow older and busier, it’s all too easy to lose sight of this precious relationship.

The Wisdom of Hadith:

In Islam, the significance of honoring and caring for our parents is emphasized through various Hadiths, offering timeless wisdom and guidance on the importance of filial piety. One such Hadith narrated by Abu Huraira (RA) states: “A man asked the Prophet (ﷺ), ‘What deeds are the best?’ He (ﷺ) replied, ‘To perform the (daily compulsory) prayers at their (early) stated fixed times.’ The man asked, ‘What is next?’ The Prophet (ﷺ) replied, ‘To be good and dutiful to your parents.’ The man asked, ‘What is next?’ The Prophet (ﷺ) replied, ‘To participate in Jihad in Allah’s cause.'” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

This Hadith underscores the paramount importance of being good and dutiful to our parents, ranking it among the noblest of deeds in Islam. It serves as a poignant reminder of the profound blessings and rewards that come from honoring our parents and maintaining close ties with them.

As we navigate the complexities of life, let us not forget the invaluable role that our parents play in shaping our journey. Amidst our pursuit of worldly quest for success, let us carve out time to be close to them, to express our love and gratitude, and to cherish the moments we share together.

For in the end, it is the love and bond we share with our parents that truly enriches our lives and brings meaning to our existence. Let us heed the wisdom of Hadith and the timeless quotes that remind us of the importance of honoring and caring for our parents, for they are indeed a blessing from the Almighty.

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