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    The Forever-Unsung Heroes: Fathers Continue To Be Forgotten On Father’s Day

    Father, only to be missed after his death.

    So, did you wish your father a Happy Father’s Day today? I bet you didn’t. Even if you didn’t celebrate the day, did you somehow continue to call him up on a regular basis and ask him how is he doing? 

    In a world where mothers are revered online and offline, and showered with adoration content everywhere on Mother’s Day, fathers often find themselves standing on the sidelines, unnoticed and uncelebrated on Father’s Day. The irony of this situation is difficult to ignore. Fathers, those unsung heroes of the family, continue to be overlooked, their contributions and sacrifices buried beneath the weight of societal expectations.

    Father’s Day often passes by with little fanfare, drowned out by the noise of daily life. Perhaps it’s because fathers have become the steady-but-behind-the-scene pillars that hold the family structure together, their constant presence taken for granted. Only to be missed after his death. 

    Despite working tirelessly, rising early each morning, shouldering the burden of responsibility, and heading out into the world, chasing dreams and ensuring a secure future for their loved ones, the family members seemed not to take much care until they themselves become a father one day. That is right, those sacrifices often go unnoticed, lost in the mundane routines of life.

    The media consistently generalises fathers negatively for many reasons. I totally admit some of them are fools, who think through their dicks and not the head. But those jerks are just a fraction and obviously do not represent the whole. There are many good ones too. Yet, rarely are they depicted as the loving, nurturing figures they truly are. Their achievements, big and small, are overshadowed by the achievements of mothers, who are celebrated for their maternal instincts and unwavering dedication.

    Fathers, they hardly want any recognition. Just a small appreciation would do. They long for a day when their efforts are acknowledged when they are showered with affection, gifts, and heartfelt gratitude. But society seems to have turned a blind eye to their emotional needs. The weight of this neglect is not lost on fathers who strive to fulfil their roles without complaint, enduring the silence with a stoic demeanour.

    Being a father, they know how to hide their disappointment behind stoic smiles, suppressing the longing for a day dedicated solely to them. The lack of attention erodes their self-worth, making them question their significance in the lives of their loved ones. They simply swallow the disappointment of today, hoping for a better tomorrow.

    In truth, your father deserves your gratitude and admiration too—just like how you do it with your mother on Mother’s Day. Your father may not be perfect, but they are present. They may not possess all the answers, but they are always there to listen and offer guidance. They may not show their love out loud but it is there and steadfast. Their sacrifices are numerous although not can’t be seen openly, yet it is their silent strength that often goes unnoticed.

    So, please go ahead and give your father a call and break the cycle of indifference, and tell him that you love him.

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