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    The Force Will Balance Itself Out

    The ideals of the West are at war. Why and who was the catalyst that started it all.

    It’s no secret that the US has heavily influenced societies in the Western and Eastern world. Their celebrities, movies, songs, reach the ears and eyes of even the most remote 3rd world country.

    They carry the flag of modernisation, progress, and individuality. These ideals often find themselves within institutions of higher learning. The ways of old are dying out.

    At least, that was the case until recently. Because recently, the US took an aggressive step in their mission to indoctrinate societies to their way of thinking. Recently, they’ve started targeting children and silencing voices of dissent.

    With heavy influence of Liberalism, Conservatism finds a way

    Thanks to social media, the gatekeepers of entertainment have become powerless. Anyone can say or do anything in front of an audience. The noteworthy ones will gain a bigger audience, becoming a personality or celebrity themselves. You may know them as influencers.

    There are many voices for the Left. And the public has grown tired of their ideals. Surprisingly, most of them were waiting for someone to speak out, about what they truly think in secret.

    Enter Tate

    Analysts argue, the Tate brothers were inevitable. The US has spun a narrative that went to the extreme left, it was only a matter of time that someone from the extreme right… responded.

    And responded they did. The Tate brothers seemingly grew overnight. You’ll find endless clips of them on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or X.

    Their views on masculinity, accountability, traditional values, religion, have moved the hearts and minds of young men across the globe. With the recent conversion of Andrew Tate into Islam, many young men, who were born Christian, agnostic, or atheists, have now become Muslims.

    The Tate brothers have opened a door. In fact, they busted a door wide open. More from the right will come through, and some are already here.

    Masculinity isn’t something to be ashamed of

    The Western world has done a great job of emasculating its men. Any talk of masculinity will include the word toxic. Then usually, the discussion will devolve into evil acts of some men, and assumptions against most men.

    For every challenge a man can naturally face, there is an assigned “illness”, and call for therapy.

    Feeling sad? You have depression. Go to therapy.

    Feeling stuck? You have anxiety. Go to therapy.

    Feeling lonely? You’re about to have suicidal thoughts. Go to therapy.

    Men have been out of touch with their inner self. Most boys don’t know how to become men. And so their physical may be of an adult, but their mind is still a child.

    A group of male adult children are useful as slaves to a system. But are useless towards healthy societal growth.

    The Balance

    Today, everyday men and women in the US are standing up against liberal dogma. They’ve awakened from their deep sleep, thanks to the natural need to protect their children.

    How will the Eastern world react?

    On that subject, I have a lot to share. Soon.

    – Badang

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