The Art Of Making The World Chase After You Instead Of The Other Way Around 

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

In a world full of distractions, constant demands for attention and chasing after one new shiny thing after another, it can often feel like you are constantly chasing the world. As this is going to be forever, it is indeed tiring. 

If you decided enough is enough, I may have a way that can bring about a significant shift in your life: stop chasing after the world and make it chase after you instead. This mental shift involves developing a significant life perspective and it may not be for everyone. 

13 things to embrace

  1. Be you, by making sure that you stay cool no matter what situation you are in at that time. This is naturally what you are, isn’t it?
  2. Become a person of value, by allowing you to become a go-to person for the subject you are good at.
  3. Live within your means, by making sure that you do not owe anyone money so that you can continue living your life and sleep at night peacefully. 
  4. Stay religious, by embracing religion as a way of life that promotes positivity and abundance.
  5. Lead a simple life, by prioritising happiness and loved ones and at the same time balancing both with work.
  6. Earn sustainable income, by making sure that the income is more than enough and it will continue coming long-term and minimise the present exchanging-your-time-for-money method.
  7. Live in the moment, by balancing time between paying attention to the real world and your screen time.
  8. Stay in touch with family and friends, by regularly communicating with them either through a text, telephone call or physical meetup.
  9. Learn to let certain things go, by understanding the fact that not everything can be controlled by you. From projects you failed to secure right up to jerks who cut queues, these are the things that are truly beyond you. Just move on. 
  10. Stay away from toxic people, by cutting them off from your life as it’s just not worth it.
  11. Exercise daily, by setting up a fixed time every day for an hour or so for you to get sweaty. Do this as a routine and see the difference in yourself physically and mentally in no time.
  12. Stay patient and do not rush things, by taking enough time to do things and get them completed.
  13. Travel, by ensuring that you take some time off to release steam. Go for a long drive, go on a short getaway locally or perhaps go abroad once a year and enjoy your ‘me‘ time either alone or with friends.

Bottom line

Making the world chase after you instead of the other way around is an art that requires intentional effort, self-development, and a positive mindset. By embracing the above things, I believe you can create a life where opportunities, success, and meaningful connections naturally gravitate towards you. Embrace this art and watch as the world begins to chase after you. 

. . .

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