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    Suit Up! We’re Going Hiking!

    Climbers’ kit and equipment are overrated, really.

    Image | Borneo Post Online

    On March 2023, the people of Twitter were shocked to see a short clip of a man hiking the highest mountain in Borneo in a full suit! The man, known as Nabutaka Sada, even brought a bulky workbag with him. Furthermore, he also hiked in a pair of leather shoes! The Twitter user @MasidiM even joked that Sada acted like it was a typical working day for him.

    So who is Nabutaka Sada and why does he hike the 13,435ft mountain in full work attire? Well, according to @alvindcaesar‘s tweet, Sada is a Representative Director and the President of the Japanese men’s clothing brand. Talk about taking your job to another level!

    As you can see from the screenshot above, Sada also commented that the suit he was wearing remained untouched despite the harsh conditions and rainy weather on Mount Kinabalu.

    After a deeper dig into his act, it was found that this was not the first time he has done activities in his three-piece suit. From a screenshot of his YouTube Channel, he has gone biking, skiing and even scuba diving!

    So do you still work from home? This man works from everywhere!

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