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    South Korea’s Coffee Imports Hit All-Time High In 2022

    That’s 1.3 cups of coffee for every adult in South Korea each day!

    Yonhap reported that South Korea’s coffee bean imports hit an all-time high last year. Based on the data, coffee is an extremely popular drink among its people. Last year, imports of coffee beans saw an increase of over 42 per cent compared to 2021, as the Korea Customs Service reported that figures reached US$1.3 billion. Both raw and roasted products contributed to this rise.

    According to the agency, imports were up 9.5 per cent and reached 200,000 tons during the period – that’s 1.3 cups of coffee for every adult in South Korea each day. South Korea imported 180,000 tons of raw beans in 2022 which was a 10 per cent year-over-year increase. The imports of roasted products experienced an upsurge of 4.9 per cent, to a total of 20,000 tons.

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