So, What’s Google Gemini And Google Gemini Advanced—And What Do They Do?

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

Remember Jarvis in the MCU’s Ironman? That’s right. It’s an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark to help him answer and execute some stuff. Now, Gemini is something like that but not that level of advance—yet. I think the tech is almost there, perhaps another 2-3 years. Or, could be less than 2 years. Google built Gemini as if it is our personal assistant that can answer our questions, spark our creativity, and even troubleshoot our code. Google’s innovative conversational AI chatbot, Gemini, makes this a reality. Now, with two distinct versions – the free Google Gemini and the premium Gemini Advanced – we can tailor our AI experience to our own specific needs.

If you are using Google Bard, do take note that Google Bard is now Google Gemini.

Google Gemini

FYI, Gemini is a family of large language models (LLMs) developed by Google AI, announced in December 2023. It’s pretty much like their answer to OpenAI’s GPT-4 and is said to be a significant leap forward in AI technology. Simply refer to Google’s blog here to learn more about it. 

Gemini is a multimodal LLM, which means it can understand and process information from different modalities, such as text, code, images, and audio. This makes it much more versatile than previous LLMs, which were typically limited to text-based input and output. 

There are three main versions of Gemini. One is Gemini Nano. This is the smallest and least powerful version, but it is still capable of answering questions, generating text, and translating languages. Two is Gemini Pro. This is the mid-range version, and it offers more capabilities than Gemini Nano, such as the ability to write different kinds of creative content and answer more complex questions. And three is Gemini Ultra. This is the most powerful version, and it is designed for tasks that require a high level of understanding and reasoning, such as coding, research, and creative writing.

Whatever it is, Gemini is still under development, but it is already being used in several Google products, such as Search and Assistant. It is expected to be made more widely available in the future.

How about the features then? Well, here are some of the key features available in Gemini.

  • Multimodal: Can understand and process information from different modalities, such as text, code, images, and audio.
  • Generative: Can generate text, code, images, and other creative outputs.
  • Informative: Can access and process information from the real world through Google Search.
  • Interactive: Can carry on conversations with humans naturally and engagingly.

Overall, Google Gemini is a powerful new LLM that has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with computers.

It’s like, when we need the latest news or a weather update, Gemini has it covered. This accessible version taps into the vast knowledge of Google Search to answer our everyday questions, from the simple to the complex. Speaking multiple languages? You bet. It understands and responds to our queries, fostering seamless communication across borders. Need to be more inspired? No problem! Gemini ignites our creative spark with assistance in writing poems, brainstorming ideas, and crafting clear emails. Need help managing our day-to-day stuff? Gemini acts as our digital taskmaster, setting reminders, making lists, and streamlining our tasks within supported Google apps.

Gemini Advanced

This is where it gets a little bit deeper. Google Gemini Advanced is the premium, subscription-based version of the conversational AI chatbot, Gemini. It takes the capabilities of the free Google Gemini to the next level, powered by Google’s cutting-edge Ultra 1.0 model. In other words, Gemini Advanced is a much more powerful version compared to the free version.

Here’s what sets it apart.

Supercharged Intelligence. It tackles complex challenges, analyses intricate scenarios, solves complex problems, and delves deeper into research compared to the free version. It acts as our coding companion. If we ever need help with coding, Gemini Advanced assists with generating code snippets and troubleshooting errors, acting as our programming buddy. It is a research powerhouse too. Forget skimming lengthy reports! Gemini Advanced dives deep, synthesises information, and delivers key insights. It helps us unleash creativity. From crafting scripts to generating marketing copy, it pushes the boundaries of creative collaboration, bringing our ideas to life like never before. It offers English-focused support. Currently optimised for English interaction, although it can understand and respond to queries in other languages. And it integrated with Google One. Guess what, signing up for Gemini Advanced includes valuable Google One Premium storage benefits, making it a comprehensive package.

Unlike the free version of Gemini, Gemini Advanced targets different sets of users. If we are power users and professionals, then go for this premium version. No, really. If we crave advanced problem-solving, coding assistance, and in-depth research capabilities, this is our ultimate AI partner. Period. Or, if we are creative people who require help with creativities, then Gemini Advanced is the choice. With it, we can stretch our creativity to the next level with its assistance in scriptwriting, detailed storylines, and marketing copy generation.

This premium version is powered by Google’s cutting-edge Ultra 1.0 model. Some say it’s much more powerful than the GPT-4. Whatever it is, we can surely leave the heavy lifting to Gemini Advanced. 

Choosing our perfect AI match

Both versions are constantly learning and evolving, fueled by their connection to Google Search. This ensures they remain at the forefront of AI technology, adapting and expanding their capabilities to meet our evolving needs. For everyday tasks, information, and occasional creative inspiration, the free Google Gemini is enough. It offers an exceptional experience. However, if we demand advanced problem-solving, coding assistance, and in-depth research, then go for Gemini Advanced. It even includes valuable Google One Premium storage benefits, making it a truly comprehensive package.

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