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    So Malaysians, Now We Know This Is Possible After All

    And the next question is, will this last?

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    Malaysian old politicians have always been known for their slow progress and need to feed the privileges. Each project must be carefully crafted to avoid destroying the wealthy’s source of income. Ultimately, the people are the ones who suffer. But, as the newly appointed cabinet works hard to change the narrative, it raises the question: Has this always been possible?

    I guess we’re just used to the idea that the cabinet will form a team for every issue to find the best solutions so that every decision made has a positive impact on society and businesses. But, in the end, months of deliberation will be futile because no decision is reached, and what could have been avoided a few weeks ago has now become a bigger problem.

    Let us come back to the moment. As I write, the government is attempting to resolve an ongoing issue raised a few days ago during the youth dialogue with Anwar Ibrahim, the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Less than 48 hours later, the Cabinet announced that they are attempting to break the touch-and-go monopoly, which has been a hotly debated topic for at least 5 years now.

    And, in case you’re wondering, anyone with even a passing understanding of how the economy works understands that by creating competition, fierce offers from different companies will help build a larger offer for the end user. As a result, the market price will eventually fall significantly. It may not sound that simple, but you get my point.

    In this brief post, I simply want to raise a question mark for all of us. Is this something that has always been possible? If that’s the case, why wasn’t this done sooner? In conclusion, you can see how bad our previous political honchos were because they weren’t trying to help the people. Instead, they have always been concerned with how they can benefit personally from the power that they possess.

    Malaysians are now surprised by how the culture has shifted and how the newly appointed Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, is fighting for people’s rights rather than wealthy privileges. And you’re wondering if this is going to be a long-lasting culture that changes the entire Malaysian political landscape. 

    Can they?

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