Security Footage Captures Final Moments of Family Before Apparent Suicide

ByThe Counter Journal

In a tragic incident, a family of four is suspected to have taken their own lives in North Jakarta. Security footage captured the heartbreaking final moments of the victims before they jumped from the 21st floor of an apartment building. Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this apparent suicide, leaving the community searching for answers. The video made its rounds through the internet via X/formerly Twitter. The account started the post by saying,

“Have you heard this? It’s horrifying to imagine! A whole family jumped from their apartment building, all at once. Apparently, the apartment guard even witnessed the tragedy. The father must be utterly traumatized by this experience”.

Police in North Jakarta revealed details about a suspected family suicide. Four people, believed to be related based on their appearance, jumped from the 21st floor of an apartment building. Security footage captured their movements from the moment they arrived in a car to their final moments on the rooftop.

The victims were identified as EA (50 years old), AEL (52 years old), JWA (age unknown), and JL (15 years old). They arrived at the apartment complex around 4:02 pm and entered the building. Two minutes later, they were seen entering the elevator. Disturbingly, the footage showed EA kissing the others on the forehead before AEL collected everyone’s phones.

Shortly after, they exited the elevator on the 21st floor and proceeded to the rooftop through the emergency stairs. Tragically, at 4:21 pm, all four individuals fell from the building and landed near the entrance.

A security guard, identified by the initials DF, witnessed the aftermath. He reported hearing a loud noise and upon checking, found the bodies on the ground.

The incident was confirmed earlier by North Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Gidion Arif Setyawan. An apartment resident, Arif (a different person from the police chief), recognized the victims as a family who had moved out a year ago. The bodies bore the marks of a violent impact, with severe injuries concentrated on the head, hands, and legs.

You can read the original X/Twitter thread here.


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