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    Searching—One Of The Very Few Movies That Made Me Put My Phone Down To Focus On It

    John Cho’s performance as Dad was fantastic, that’s for sure.

    Image | Entertainment Weekly

    Searching—it’s just brilliant. I just watched this cool 2018 movie on AXN. It is an ‘old’ movie I know but this masterpiece somehow made me put my phone down and focus on it till the end. Thanks to its smart digital twist approach. My take, this movie deserves my 10/10 rating. And John Cho’s performance as Dad was fantastic, that’s for sure.

    Searching showcases a scenario of how a single dad reacts when his daughter suddenly goes missing. Since I too have a daughter, I can totally relate to this. It tells a story of how a single dad uses the power of the internet, social media and instant messaging as tools to help search for his missing daughter. To the point, he creatively becomes the brain of the investigation by connecting all dots of info he found online.

    Searching taught me one thing—the internet is holding a lot of information. Although they are scattered everywhere, we need to simply know where to find them in order to connect the dots if we have certain tasks to do such as finding our missing child.

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