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    RED ALERT: ChatGPT Will Replace You

    AI may diminish a lot of roles and jobs, but this is an evolutionary challenge for humans to increase our creativity

    Oh boy, they weren’t lying when they said robots and AI would replace humans. But will they really? I think not. In a world where tech and innovation replace your technical functions, your humanness is the biggest asset. Leverage it.

    When ChatGPT took the world by storm merely weeks ago, it surpassed more than 1 million users in a short amount of time. Everyone and their grandmother tried it. From marketers to software developers, we all jumped in to see what this artificial intelligence could do.

    What’s ChatGPT?

    ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by a company called OpenAI. The AI is trained by human AI trainers through conversation modelling where they are fed with information. It can then answer queries in a conversational way. It feels like speaking to another human on the other end.

    Is this cause for concern? What took you 7 days to write, it can do in seconds or minutes. Strategies that took months to devise and analyze now appear on your screen, ready to be copied and pasted on a proposal document.

    Complex topics that academia spends a whole semester discussing are now a discourse that takes place flat on the screen. Math problems, code writing, music development, and language translations; are all within what seems to be one endangering entity.

    ChatGPT is not free from limitations as it is man-made, and we are at the precipice of its discovery. However, the speed at which it functions, and the future possibilities are alarming to the current human functions.

    Time for human evolution

    It’s common to feel fear out of uncertainty of how the future will look like. A shift in perspective is needed here. In retrospect, technology has allowed us to advance as a species. ChatGPT, and other AIs that we’ve developed thus far, will enable us to maximise our capacity as humans. Work faster, be stronger, and enjoy more.

    This AI may diminish a lot of roles and jobs, but this is an evolutionary challenge for humans to increase our creativity. As a species, we will find new jobs to do with every job that AI replaces. Utilize technology hand in hand with your creativity as a human and watch how we will be able to transform the world at a level never seen before.

    What a time to be alive.

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