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    Record-Breaking Revenue Malaysia's 'FF' Number Plate Series


    Record-Breaking Revenue: Malaysia’s ‘FF’ Number Plate Series

    Achieved an impressive milestone, generating an unprecedented revenue of RM34 million.

    Image | The Edge Malaysia

    According to Transport Minister Anthony Loke, Malaysia’s “FF” number plate series has achieved a record-breaking revenue of RM34,296,327, recorded as the highest revenue generated since the JPJeBid system was made available to the public in April 2019. The highest bids were seen for the “FF8″ plate at RM950,000 and the “FF9” plate at RM911,999, with “FF3” and “FF2” following closely at RM639,000 and RM638,000 respectively.

    Overwhelming Response and Limited Stock: ‘FF’ Number Plate Series Sees Tremendous Interest

    Anthony Loke Minister of Transportation Malaysia - on FF plate number record breaking bidding

    Anthony Loke | The Edge Malaysia

    The series received an overwhelming response, with 34,032 bidders participating and only slightly over 1,000 number plates remaining out of 9,999. Popular plates included “FF199” and “FF51” with 34 and 32 bidders, respectively, while “FF155,” “FF555,” and “FF1688” attracted 29 bidders each. Due to the high traffic, the bidding period has been extended for 24 hours after the system crashed on the last day of bidding. The Transport Minister acknowledged the need to improve the system’s performance for smoother operations in the future.

    The unique “FF” number plate series was launched in commemoration of the 77th anniversary of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and was open for online bidding from May 14 to May 19. The extension was granted in response to public complaints about the system’s instability caused by the high number of users.

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