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As the crescent moon emerges in the night sky, signaling the end of Ramadan, Muslims around the world prepare for......
Today I read a beautiful message and i would like to share to all. It’s a reminder to me. May......
This six-part show takes inspiration from the popular Japanese manga "Parasyte" by Hitoshi Iwaake, but carves its own path with...
Experts attribute this remarkable feat to the building's innovative engineering
  In recent times, Malaysia finds itself ensnared in a political quagmire as the current Prime Minister engages in a......
Dalifornia is an oasis for those seeking an escape from the relentless pace of modern life.
  In recent years, the concept of happiness has gained increasing attention as a crucial indicator of overall well-being and......
As Malaysia’s first Shariah-Compliant and Conventional P2P Financing platform, microLEAP is dedicated to spearheading financial inclusion and innovation. Aligning with......

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