NYT Journalists Banned From Using The Word “Genocide”

ByThe Counter Journal

In a leaked NYT memo, journalists are told to “avoid” certain terms while some are “restricted” from using them when reporting about occupied Palestine. 

Omitting The Truth

Standards editor Susan Wessling and international editor Philip Pan made it clear in a memo that words like “genocide” should not be used when reporting news about occupied Palestine.

The professionally worded memo, at a glance, may seem fair to those ignorant of Israel-Palestine history. As it is made out to seem like another reminder of staying objective and free of bias.

But to those who are well-versed in history, it is clear that the New York Times is biased towards the occupiers of Palestine. 

The words that shall not be spoken

Some of these words have been officially used by parties in the UN, to describe the horror that is unfolding in Palestine. The banned words include:

  • Genocide
  • Ethnic cleansing
  • Occupied territory
  • Palestine (except in very rare cases)
  • Refugee camps

Infighting inside NYT

Since October 7th, and the famously false ‘mass-rape’ article, reports show that heated debates and disagreements have taken place within the body of the New York Times. 

This led to many staffers leaking sensitive info. Which embarrassed the top brass of the publication. All while exposing clear Israeli bias, the death of journalistic integrity, and collusion in an ongoing modern-day genocide.

NYT’s racist internal probe

Since the leaks, the publication carried out an internal investigation. This investigation, allegedly, targeted staffers of Middle Eastern and North African descent. 

According to executive editor Joe Kahn, the leak investigation has concluded. Unsuccessfully.

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