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    No More Free Entry, Jeju Island Visitors To Be Charged

    This comes after worries raised by locals around increasing garbage and sewage waste due to the tourism boom.

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    Jeju Island officials are discussing the implementation of regulations that would oblige tourists to pay fees to sustain environmental conservation efforts.

    Under the proposed legislation, tourists will be charged 1,500 won ($1) per night, while those renting a car will have to pay 5,000 won per day, or 10,000 won for a minivan. Visitors renting a bus will be charged 5% of the rental fee. The Jeju Special Self-Governing Province estimates that each visitor will pay an average of 8,170 won per day.

    According to the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, if the proposed tourism fee legislation is approved by the National Assembly, it is expected to generate approximately 141 billion won in the first year, 154 billion won in the second year, and 167 billion won in the third year.

    Jeju Island has been discussing the implementation of tourism fees for a while due to concerns raised by locals about the negative impacts of the increasing number of tourists, such as the excessive amount of garbage and sewage that goes beyond the island’s capacity. The entry fee was proposed back in 2012 but was met with opposition.

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