No More Cargo Holds. BARK Air Reinvents Dog Travel.

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Forget cargo holds! BARK Air has arrived to revolutionize dog travel. This new airline puts pampered pups in first class, making flying a luxurious experience for both canine companions and their humans.

The idea for BARK Air stemmed from the struggles of CEO Matt Meeker, who had difficulty traveling long distances with his Great Dane, Hugo. Inspired by this challenge, Meeker, who also founded BarkBox, envisioned an airline designed specifically to cater to canine comfort and minimize their stress.

BARK Air goes all out for its furry VIPs. The pampering starts even before takeoff with a special waiting lounge stocked with yummy treats and a speedy check-in process to avoid any pre-flight anxiety. Once on board, the spoiling continues with an in-flight spa and a menu featuring delectable “doggie champagne” and “barkaccinos” – guaranteed to put a wag in any pup’s tail.

To ensure a comfortable journey for all on board, BARK Air limits the number of furry passengers to 10 per flight, even though the spacious aircraft can seat up to 15 humans. This allows for ample space for canine companions to relax and socialize. Tickets are priced at US$8,000 for international flights and US$6,000 for domestic trips, which includes one person and one pampered pooch. While the cost may seem steep initially, Meeker assures that prices are expected to go down as the airline expands and becomes more established.

Currently, BARK Air offers flights between major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and London. Due to the overwhelming demand for more destinations (over 15,000 requests!), BARK Air is considering adding Paris, Milan, Chicago, Seattle, and even seasonal routes to Florida and Arizona.

BARK Air aspires to be more than just an airline; it aims to create a unique travel experience that allows families to travel with their entire furry family, just like they would with their children.

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