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    New AFL Video Game Slammed By Fans For Countless Bugs And Glitches

    Social media has been flooded with complaints, with many gamers asking for their money back and warning others not to buy the game.

    The launch of the latest AFL video game has been met with widespread criticism due to numerous glitches and issues. AFL 23 was released on PlayStation and PC, but social media platforms were flooded with complaints from gamers who demanded refunds. The game was initially delayed before its release but did not live up to the hype.

    Developers struggle with bugs and graphics in the new AFL 23 game

    The game’s developers, Big Ant Studios, released an update on the release day but still had issues, leading to a secondary patch being released later. The graphics of the players and coaches were heavily criticised, and users reported bizarre moments from the gameplay, such as West Coast coach Adam Simpson becoming a goal umpire.

    Screenshot of Twitter announcement from Big Ants Studio

    Many gamers expressed disappointment and frustration, some calling for a refund and warning others not to buy the game. The developers apologised and promised to release further patches to fix the issues. However, critics argue that the game should have been delayed further and released only when it was ready.

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