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    Naval’s Airchat: On A Mission To Make Social Media Social Again

    Naval and his team just launched a new social media platform with the promise of making social media, social again.

    Take one of the most influential thinkers on social media, give him a tech team, and see what happens.

    Whatever the result you’re thinking of, no average internet user could’ve foreseen an idea like Airchat. It blew me away. Check out the tweet below.

    What’s Airchat?

    Airchat is a new social media platform by Naval Ravikant and his team.

    In the launch video Naval makes the claim that social media isn’t social anymore. He claims it has become performative. Addressing the many content creators looking to blow up on social media. Airchat is focused on making social media, social again.

    Social media evolved into a space where attention gets traded for money or status. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it has ironically created a gap for users who crave authentic social experiences.

    What can Airchat do?

    Besides allowing users to record their spoken thoughts. Users can also record and share videos of their activities. Here are a few features I could detect from their launch video:

    • Push-to-talk
    • Audio and video recording
    • Generated transcripts
    • AI translation to English
    • Categories of topics or chats
    • A private or public space to socialise
    • Likes, shares, reposts, comment

    The feature that caught my eye the most was this:

    With this feature, Airchat is bringing down language barriers. This has the potential to open up so many points of conversation from people around the globe. Discussion around education, travel, or entertainment will benefit big time.

    What’s Airchat’s current status?

    They’re still in closed beta for the IOS. Android will be out soon. If you want to get on their waitlist for the IOS, go ahead and follow them on Twitter @getairchat.

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