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    My Monologue: When You Have Nothing

    Thoughts on the bitter truth of success.

    My monologue

    “When I have nothing, no money, no permanent job, society looks down on me. I am looked down upon by those close to me, including my family. In times like this, we can truly judge a person’s character. But I am confident because I have Allah, the God who always hears my cries. I am currently and will continue to strive with my own initiative.”

    “I am currently in the process of developing a digital platform, a digital magazine, for delivering news on a global level with a friend and business partner who always understands and is knowledgeable because he has also experienced setbacks in his business. He gives me the motivation to keep fighting and not to care about criticism and negative comments from outsiders. I believe that our effort will lead to success, but I need to be patient.”

    “The message I want to convey is that we learn to truly know people when we fall. When we are at the top – when we drive a supercar, when a luxury car is parked under our porch, when we switch from a Porsche to a Ferrari, and when we go in and out of hotels for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we are treated well. But it should be noted that they are not treating us as us, but they are treating our “money”, they are treating our “status”, they are treating our “position”, and they are treating our “financial level”. That’s human nature. But when we fall, we recognize our true friends and companions.”

    “The conclusion is, keep up your efforts towards a better future. Don’t give up and be patient. Discuss with friends and family who understand you to get ideas, perspectives, and opinions to improve your morale and spirit. My advice is, every day you wake up with a new spirit, new determination, and new aspirations to continue your passion. Plan your activities by setting your KPIs. If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one, your product and service planning, as well as your business model and company framework, need to be thoroughly scrutinized. Invite experienced friends or individuals to sit down with you. Turn all criticism, ridicule, and negative views towards yourself into a source of motivation to continue our efforts.”

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    An entrepreneur, business coach, rally, and race driver with a passion for entrepreneurs and talent development. A certified business & leadership coach, a part-time motoring journalist, and an automotive TV host.He served in various automotive companies, including PROTON, DRB-HICOM, General Motors, Kleemann, and KIA; gained experience in branding and international sales & marketing while serving in Rayong Thailand, Copenhagen Denmark, Singapore, Europe, and the ASEAN markets.He provides Business & Leadership Coaching, Corporate Training, Advanced & Performance Driving Classes, and Talents Development programs. You can email him via the given link.Currently a Board of Director of KEJORA Holdings and a Director at TIC (TAJ International College) and he sits on board a few other SMEs as a Corporate Advisor.

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