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    Mother’s Day, Here Is The Reason Why I Don’t Celebrate It

    This annual celebration looks pretty artificial to me.

    Yesterday, at one of the open houses I attended, an elderly mother was badly scolded by her daughter. They were seated right in front of me, as we were sharing the same big, round-shaped table. And the best part is, this incident happened on Mother’s Day. I guess this is just one of many rare other cases happening out there that I didn’t get to witness daily.

    Some people, despite celebrating the annual Mother’s Day, yet have the audacity to scream at their mothers. Troubled childhood I think.

    I never celebrate Mother’s Day. Well, it’s not that I don’t celebrate it at all, it’s just that I don’t celebrate Mother’s Day every year like everyone else. To me, that way is pretty artificial. Instead, I celebrate it regularly — as in daily and weekly. Celebrating such a special person in my life, it shouldn’t be done annually. I need to show it as frequently as I can. It takes discipline out of me to make it a routine.


    First, I make sure I text her daily. Usually during lunchtime. Then I make sure that I call her three days a week and have a meaningful conversation on each call. And pay her a visit as frequently as I possibly can. Now since my mother is living 7-hours away up north in Kangar, Perlis, I can only do this once a month. In the meaningful conversations I always have with my mother, I will conclude them with one simple but powerful ending.

    I love you, Mama. Always.

    Motherhood is tough. Being a mother is tough. My wife is a mother too. This is why it is my responsibility to celebrate her motherhood and my mother’s not annually but as regularly as possible.

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