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    Met Gala 2023 Top 5 Mentioned Celebrities: From Jennie’s Waitress Outfit To Jared Leto’s Gigantic Cat Costume

    On the day of the event, as many as 2.6 million tweets were tweeted. Very ‘noisy’ indeed.

    Image | We Got This Covered

    The Met Gala is finally here! The internet is buzzing with photos of the attendees in beautiful garments. On the day of the event, as many as 2.6 million tweets were tweeted. Very ‘noisy’ indeed. This year’s event theme paid homage to one of the most prominent figures in the fashion industry, Karl Lagerfeld. In the past, Lagerfeld had worked with many fashion powerhouses such as Chloé, Balmain, and the most memorable one, Chanel.

    The following is a list of the Top 5 mentioned people according to NetBasedQuid.

    Top 5 Females Mentioned

    Number 5: Song Hye-Kyo

    Image | Getty Images

    With 91K mentioned, this actress looked stunning in FENDI couture spring/summer ensemble. The whole look is simple enough but it received many mixed reactions from fans as they thought that the hairstyle elongated her facial structure. Calm down, people. This is her first Met Gala after all.

    Number 4: Doja Cat

    Image | 21metgala

    Now that’s different! Doja Cat attended the Met by honoring Lagerfeld’s cat (aka Choupette). This long white feather-backless hooded dress is the creation of Oscar de la Renta. There’s a video of an interview with Emma Chamberlain going around the internet where Doja answered all the questions with meows. Cute. Anyways, this look received 94K mentioned and we must applaud the dedication. I mean look at the nose.

    Number 3: Rihanna

    Image | Popbase

    Riri has done it again. She received 192K mentioned during the event. This huge white wedding dress is from Valentino and was covered with Chanel’s signature Camellia flowers. Love on the brain? Yes. The only girl in the world? Indeed.

    Number 2: Anne Hathaway

    Image | Twitter/metgalafashion_

    Nicked as the ‘queen of the unproblematic’, Anne Hathaway looks stunning in this cutout-hugging tweed dress from Versace. A closer look at the cutouts you can see that they are held together with signature gold safety pins. The necklace? Bulgari, of course. Harper’s Bazaar expected to see this whole look to be on the best dress list everywhere. With 233K mentioned, Miranda Priestly must have been very proud.

    Number 1: Jennie Kim

    Image | Entertainment Tonight

    This singer’s debut at Met Gala received a whopping 1.2 million mentions. She attended the event in Chanel’s vintage 1990 black and white ensemble. Fans were surprised as they thought that this look is rather too plain for a such big event. To an extent, they equalized it to a waitress outfit. Well, to all the mean people out there please know that this dress is one of the most inaccessible vintage clothing and it’s only recreated for her. Take that!

    Top 5 Males Mentioned

    Number 5: Robert Pattinson

    Image | Dior

    According to Dior, this look is a custom creation inspired by Dior Men Fall 2023. It’s a black suit attached to a demi-kilt. Despite the weird look, GQ magazine reported the look as ‘theatrical, polished, familiar, and unfamiliar all at once’. It received 25,000 mentions.

    Number 4: Jared Leto

    Image | Variety

    Choupette is definitely one famous cat, huh? According to Leto’s designers, he specifically requested to look like a real cat. Well, this costume isn’t your normal costume either. NDAs were signed before it’s made. According to the Guardian, the costume is made from synthetic fur equipped with battery-powered fans to pump air to the face. Jared was mentioned 25,000 times.

    Number 3: Pedro Pascal

    Image | Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris

    According to Yahoo News, this look (well, the shorts) has broken the internet. Memes and jokes were made online. Whatever it is, this black and red look received as many as 35,000 mentions.

    Number 2: Cai Xukun

    Image | Mid Day

    This famous singer arrived in an exceptional Prada custom-made black coat suit. According to, Cai opted for the long sequinned coat that gives a broken glass effect. He had 206K mentioned.

    Number 1: Jackson Wang

    Image | 88rising

    This most mentioned male celebrity (327,000 mentions) came in a black Louis Vuitton suit. The adornments included Cartier’s ring, earrings, and a watch. The glasses are from Gentle Monster. People online have been wondering whether the top is inspired by Michael Jackson. Well, a Reddit user has stated that the late MJ was indeed a part of Wang’s influence. No wonder.

    Despite all the ravishing looks on The Met Gala’s red carpet (well white carpet), one thing is for sure; black and white really dominated the event. Unless you are as brave as Pedro Pascal, that is.

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