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Mental health issues used to be such a taboo that the discussion about it is usually done in a hush-hush manner. Thanks to the increased awareness, more people are coming forward to get help. An anonymous user approached Dr Aen through her CuriousCat account, a social media platform that enables users to conduct Q&A anonymously, asking about the price one has to pay to get a psychiatrist to consult. The doctor answered that the Government Specialist Clinic charge RM5 only!

Since the question was answered on Twitter, it has garnered 1.9 million views from Twitter users.

From this question alone, more Twitter users came forward to answer the question and share their experiences. Some even left their review of the place that they have gone to to get treatment like this user @jiw0oming who shared his/her experience at University Malaya Medical Centre (PPUM).

One user, @JesseJuliee also compared the price and services given by private versus government hospitals. The user also added that the downside of government hospitals is that patients will be seeing different doctors for follow-up, hence, the issue of inconsistencies might exist.

While most users suggested the cheap and affordable option, a user @ameelms has recommended a private clinic option in an upscale area. According to him, the service has enabled him to go through his burnout phase.

In all of the quoted tweets, one QRT managed to gain traction. @faemybae tweeted that Selangoreans are able to get mental health treatment for free! Furthermore, patients are not required to wait in line to get treatment. They will be referred to the private clinic. The first thing that they should do is download the Selangkah app and register.

Then after you have downloaded it, you click on the “Mental SEHAT” button and answer questions regarding Mental Health Screening Test & Mental Health Module. If the results from your screening showed that you are in need of treatment, you head on to click Subsidised Psychiatric Screening Registration.

You can choose any facilities that are near to your house. The user also reminded us that you have to keep on clicking refresh and check the date of availability as the service is almost always full.

The doctor from Selcare clinic will provide you with a referral letter. There will be a few choices of clinics for you to choose from. Finally, the last step is to give the clinic of your choice a call to book an appointment.

Although the internet can sometimes be a scary place, this post has proven otherwise. It is heart-warming to see people working together in helping each other out. Good job everyone!

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