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    Many Individuals And Brands Are Neglecting Their Off-Page SEO, Pity

    They didn’t know about it actually.

    Many aren’t aware that Google is not putting their measurement weightage just on the on-page SEO. They are balancing the on-page SEO with the off-page SEO too. While I’m not sure how many percentages are involved between these two, all I know is that both must be worked in balance to ensure that you or your brand will be found on their search engine.

    On-page SEO is all about managing your website and making certain critical elements better. This is just half of the story when it comes to searchability. You need to build a strong authority too for yourself or your brand. And Off-page SEO is all about building that online. This is another measurement search engines like Google will take into consideration for ranking purposes.

    So, how do you build Off-page SEO then?

    1. Produce quality content. First, you need to consistently produce quality content on your own website. And if your content is so good, other websites or media channels start to refer to your content through backlinks. What content to produce? Well, you can write articles, record podcasts, produce videos or design great infographics, posters or slides.
    2. Produce quality content on other people’s assets. While you’re focusing on the content production for your own website, you need to also spend time to produce similar quality content on external websites or publications too. The best is to go after those sites with those that have a higher domain authority rating. This is not an easy task to do as not many high-DA websites will simply allow external people to produce content for their assets. This is where you need to reach out to them for permission. That being said, there are a number of publications to which you can register and upload original content.
    3. Be active on social media. Being active here means that you need to be social. It doesn’t mean you need to produce content day-in-day-out here, but build meaningful conversations with other people and grow your followers or connections there. Social media is also another channel where you can build your authority there. The more followers or connections you have, the more authority you’re going to enjoy. In other words, more and more people will be engaging with whatever content you post there and that includes those articles you’ve been producing on your own website and other external publications too.
    4. Aggregator sites. Not many people know this. You can actually register your website on aggregator platforms such as Flipboard and Google News too. Aggregator sites basically will list the latest content available on your website, on their platform for their subscribers to view and eventually click on it if they find that particular content interesting. When clicked, the aggregator will then swing the traffic directly to your website for the reader to read the content. Simple.

    Pretty simple isn’t it? Yet many aren’t doing it, especially the second, third and fourth items. So now you know what it takes to be truly searchable on search engines like Google. Within a couple of months, you will see that you are going to be easily found when people search for something you have.

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