Malaysia’s CTOS Sued Uncovered Racist Hiring Practice

ByThe Counter Journal

CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd(CTOS) ordered to pay RM200,000 for inaccurate credit rating

The credit rating company was sued by a local businesswoman after she found out her credit rating score did not reflect her financial health accurately. 

The businesswoman had lost out on loans, potential business opportunities, and business reputation. It’s reported that she owned a resort on a local island known as a tourist hot spot. 

CTOS rating is used widely by the business community

The company runs a website that offers subscribers access to calculate their credit score and other information about their financial health. 

It’s widely used as a benchmark for banks, entrepreneurs, and large business owners to determine opportunities with potential prospects. 

The court judge ruled CTOS illegally operated out of bounds

The credit rating agency was only empowered to collect and store credit information to which its subscribers may access. According to local laws(Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2011), CTOS had no right to create its own rating system.

CTOS purposefully ignored complaints by the businesswoman

The credit rating agency argued that financial institutions should verify the reports that CTOS provided and that it is not within their responsibility.

The judge reminded CTOS that its very existence is to empower financial institutions to make the right decisions with the information they have. Therefore, any information within CTOS must be accurate. 

Evidence was presented that the businesswoman had made a complaint that her credit information was not accurate. This also proved CTOS purposefully ignored the complaint and continued to store inaccurate information for its subscribers. 

CTOS racist hiring procedures

Malaysian locals on X(formerly Twitter) were in a frenzy over CTOS being found guilty in court. 

One X user shared his story of being discriminated against during a job interview with CTOS. He shared that one of the managers interviewing him said:

“Our team is 95% of my race(Chinese), if u get what I mean. Easier to communicate”

He also shared that the HR manager present refused to say anything after that remark. And had only nodded in agreement. 

Another user shared that she now understands why she’s been rejected by the company despite having deep experience in sales. 

Malaysia’s official and widely spoken language is Bahasa Melayu. 

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