Malaysia Oh Malaysia: Government-Linked Companies (And Government) Want To Make Billions At People’s Expenses

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

In a comically ironic twist, government-linked companies are seemingly using the people’s hard-earned tax money to fuel their own growth, leaving the citizens to bear the brunt of increasing service costs. Even the Road Transport Department is making good money now selling vehicle plate numbers. In a string of announcement made recently, I can see that Malaysians needs to pay more expenses to survive.

This amusing situation sheds light on a paradoxical scenario where the very institutions meant to serve the people end up squeezing them dry. As absurd as it may sound, I want to give the right jab the ongoing saga of government-linked companies taking advantage of the public’s finances at their expense continues to elicit both laughter and frustration.

The people’s financial woes will never end

Governments often establish or maintain ownership stakes in companies with strategic significance, aiming to provide essential services and promote economic development. However, when these entities start prioritising profit over public welfare, humour starts to emerge. As they endeavour to expand their operations and enhance profitability, they resort to increasing prices for the very services they were meant to provide affordably. This merciless squeeze leaves the people grappling with higher bills and a sense of incredulity.

While the situation may seem far from amusing to those directly affected, there is an element of dark humour to be found. Picture the absurdity of a government-linked utility company advertising improved services while simultaneously hiking rates. It’s akin to a clown promising to make you laugh, only to hit you with a pie in the face. As the citizens shake their heads in disbelief, the irony of their hard-earned money being used against them becomes an unintentional punchline in this larger-than-life comedy.

The saddest part of this comedic tragedy is that it seems to create an endless cycle of suffering for the people. As government-linked companies raise prices, individuals and businesses struggle to cope with the increased financial burden. The resulting hardships can have severe consequences for already vulnerable populations, perpetuating a vicious circle of economic strain. The situation is reminiscent of a slapstick routine where the same prank is played repeatedly, leaving the victims in a constant state of bewilderment and distress.

While the current scenario may provide some amusement, it is vital to acknowledge that it also highlights a significant issue of governance and accountability. Citizens deserve fair treatment and value for their money, especially from companies with government affiliations. It is essential for regulatory bodies and government watchdogs to step up their efforts in monitoring these entities, ensuring transparency, and curbing any abuse of power. By holding these companies accountable, the people can reclaim their rightful place as the beneficiaries rather than the victims of such comedic circumstances.

Bottom line

The irony of government-linked companies using the people’s money to grow while simultaneously squeezing them for more funds is undeniably amusing. However, the humour should not overshadow the importance of addressing this issue seriously. Efforts must be made to break the cycle of suffering and ensure that government-linked companies prioritise the well-being of the people over their own profits.

Their growth strategies can be better actually. They should make money outside the country instead, bring those revenues back to Malaysia and eventually give benefits back to the people of Malaysia. They have all the capital in the world to grow globally. There is no point in creating GLCs if the purpose is to continue making the citizens suffer.

As this bizarre comedy plays out, it is our responsibility as citizens to demand transparency, fairness, and a system that truly serves the needs of the people it represents.

. . .

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