Living The Occupation

ByZul Jalal

Reflecting on the subject, it seemed to relate to the current situation in the Middle East. But I was however more inspired towards another situation development. A development regarding our occupation and our stand both in this world and in our work establishment. To which we ask are we a participant, or are we just an observer? Let’s ponder on this to the best of our interest.

Life Is Short

Eventually, we will leave this world either sooner, later, or abruptly. We are merely passing through, traveling the earth and experiencing the moments that are presented to us each second of our lives.

As citizens of the planet, our lives are rented for a certain period of time waiting on the way out. To one day leave behind everything we thought meant everything to us including our loved ones. When that time comes, we shall become occupants of another world we know nothing about, the underworld. Until then, it’s just a matter of waiting. But here’s the kicker, someone has said this to me,

“Live your life as if it was your last.”

So while we are here, we should see ourselves as a participant; committing, engaging, embracing, sharing, and accepting to whatever is that surrounds us. To fully embrace life in its many forms from family, friends, work, faith and beliefs. And while we’re at it, let’s remember to not easily be engulfed and overwhelmed by worldly offerings that make us become the opposite of greatness and righteousness.

And during the course of living, we have a persona, a home, a family, a community that which we belong to. We duly accept and honour the ranks given that come with it, its responsibilities, and participating in its purpose to whatever they may be.

The Ringgit Pursuit

The pursuit continues as to whether we are participating, or merely observing in the line of duty? Are we joining the bandwagon entirely, or are we just there for the wages and be ready to jump on another when that wagon train arrives?

In the 20th century, this seemed to be a popular trending among a few young graduates who believed they deserved to be paid based on their credentials to which they’ve earned their diplomas, degrees, or masters.

I understand it 100%, that what was gained during the three to five years course of study is only 10%. The balance of 90% is when the career journey begins where they’ll continue to learn and experience more to complete the 100%. A hundred percent is just a number. It’s the skills and knowledge mastered during the working years that become the legitimate price they truly deserve. That would take years and it is priceless.

When social media platforms scoured the web with applying digital marketing, live videos by countless influencers, it all seemed more engaging and profiting to many. Many have earned without the need of a certificate to which the schooled class find somewhat ridiculous and yet slowly began to fall in with the trending income growth based on followers and online buyers. It seems the table has turned, and proper education is no longer a proud accomplishment, but that topic is reserved for another discussion. For now, we’re focusing on the wage-earner groups.

The Price Of Allegiance

Sometimes I question myself why these sort of topics interest me most. Education, experience, achievements, are all proof of resumes. But no establishment is ever sure in proving their candidates character, up until they’ve joined the company.

Loyalty, trust and respect are attained once they’ve become employees and is accessible via both ways, employer and employee. These are crucial traits that define the wellness of the entire business operations internally and externally, socially and professionally.

Loyalty is a rare trait that runs deep in any organisation. When it’s real and truthful, it is unquestionable. The management or your colleagues may not know it, but you know your true self, through and through. You just don’t feel the need to announce such conviction. You’ll never sink the ship and will never open the gates for the enemy.

With loyalty comes trust, and your loyalty is worthy of the establishment’s trust. Whereas with trust, respect will follow. Similar goes for friendship. But if you are seen as unworthy, then question your own motives or objectives, redefine them and move forward. No regrets should fall into place as you know who you are and what you do. The ultimate praise you need to look for is from God whether it’s loyalty, trust or respect. Question those instead and you will be answered.

On a personal note, it is an attribute you care about dearly and would never think to bleed it. No matter how afflicted you are, you’ll remain loyal to the establishment especially when it involves inside information. It’s the trust you pen down in the agreement when you step foot in that office. Loyalty isn’t something easy to carry, and in matters of the heart, it can also be divided. That is where faith towards the establishment is challenged, and that is when you understand the difference between what is right and what is not.

If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit

Although the decision to move is entirely yours, you will always consider the reasons whether you benefit from that move. And those benefits will be compared to your current establishment whether the new one accommodates your livelihood. You know that you can’t have everything and everything is not always a good thing. Therefore, you make your decision based on your findings to which you’ll decide.

I’m in my 50s now. Some say people in their 50s don’t have dreams no more. Well, I have dreams and passion, but I don’t rely on them exclusively. The future is changeable every time you turn the page. Sure you can make them come true, but don’t be melancholy when it doesn’t turn out how you wish it to be. I’m not the kind of person to judge another when I don’t even know what their future holds, or even mine for that matter. I only have the experience that I can share and hope for the best regardless of what position I hold at that point in time. Everyone may have their opinion on you, but you never back down.

Never Back Down

So yeah, no matter what people say about you, always keep your attitude in check, your objectives organised. Because it doesn’t matter what establishment you’re stationed at, make sure you are Living The Occupation.

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