Liverpool’s Klopp: It Is Good That We Make The Decisions, Not Those Who Write Commentaries On Social Media

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Jurgen Klopp has made it clear that the Liverpool squad rebuild is not as extensive as people think and this was emphasized through his sarcastic response to the overreaction about his team choices.

Despite not having any personal social media accounts, Liverpool’s manager was made aware of some posts on Wednesday that voiced criticism of the inclusion of Curtis Jones and Joel Matip in the squad. This was before their game against West Ham.

Klopp hits back at critics and told the reporters, “It is good that in the case that we make the decisions (over team and recruitment) and we don’t let the people make the decisions who write on social media commentaries because that is the only one we hear. If you go to social media and look there you think, oh my god! There is no bigger problem in the world than our midfield! I understand it 100%.”

“I understand that this season makes people nervous. We were not ourselves in big parts but we still have to make good decisions and not panic decisions where we say: That’s it for him! He will never come back and play football for us again! That is not how it is.”

Jones and Matip proved to be essential components of the team, with the latter’s bullet header highlighting a stellar performance. Jones was starting for his fifth game in a row after a year of ongoing injury woes. This time, it all paid off.

Klopp will be looking to acquire new players in the upcoming transfer window, ensuring that Liverpool can conduct their business swiftly. He has faith in his current team and had a “positive” meeting with principal owner John W Henry on Tuesday in London.

On a three-game winning streak in the Premier League, Liverpool is demonstrating their strong determination to finish the season successfully. Manager Jurgen Klopp is looking for them to continue this momentum when they face Tottenham on Sunday.

Despite Tottenham’s current form, Klopp is not going to take them lightly and is aware of the threats they can pose. In fact, he has gone so far as to call them one of the top counterattacking sides in Europe. He is also mindful of their record at Anfield which has been inconsistent.

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