Leading Malaysian Coworking Brand WORQ Wins 3 Regional Awards In 2022

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Despite a challenging year, WORQ has been awarded the “Best Coworking Builder” by the Origin Innovation Awards, the “Most Accommodating Coworking Space, Malaysia” by the South East Asia Business Awards 2022 and the “Best Coworking Space” by the ASEAN Startup Award. This year demonstrated the company’s resilience and adaptability, allowing them to turn the challenges of the past 20 months into remarkable growth, which kicked off the extension of their TTDI outlet. In late 2019, WORQ successfully occupied an extra 18,000 sq ft of space within 1.5 months, doubling the total space of its TTDI outlet, which is currently operating at almost full capacity.  

“Although the pandemic was a really challenging time, we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to address the concerns about traditional office spaces and revolutionise today’s workforce. WORQ’s accomplishments can also be attributed to its bold approach to innovation and aggressive expansion strategy, which has enabled us to cater to the community’s needs for flexible working arrangements,” said CEO and co-founder of WORQ, Stephanie Ping.

Gearing up for the workforce of the future

With the evolving definition of office space, WORQ has continued to evolve and provide new solutions that cater to both employers and employees. The need for flexible office spaces and efficient solutions that allow employees to function effectively in a variety of settings are at the heart of WORQ’s offerings.

Designing accommodating workspaces that satisfy the requirements of both employers and employees can be crucial in ensuring the continuity of a business. With WORQ’s innovative coworking spaces, employees have more freedom to organise their work in different locations, which can foster creativity and collaboration. Meanwhile, employers won’t have to worry about the hassle of renovations to provide their employees with a workspace where they can thrive. Businesses will be better able to manage distributed teams and increase employee productivity, which may ultimately contribute to their long-term success.

With the Flex Desk pass, the Private Suite, Dedicated Desk, and Hot Desk spaces are available to members on a rotating basis without requiring them to sign up for a full month of membership for limited use. Rotating within a quota, which functions as a group quota allocation, enables businesses to maximise their spending and have their entire team attend the office.

However, businesses and freelancers who require greater flexibility and privacy without making any long-term commitments might prefer not to be tied down to a single location. With WORQ’s All Access Pass, members can access a Hot Desk at any of the company’s three coworking outlets (WORQ TTDI, WORQ Subang, and WORQ KL Gateway) for an additional monthly fee of just RM50, making it possible for businesses and their employees to collaborate effectively while working from various locations.

Stephanie Ping shared that “having the right environment helps teams be better and more efficient, especially when they are working in an office. We are approaching an uncertain period in which the markets may be particularly vulnerable. This has forced businesses to rethink their entire strategy. Even if flexible office arrangements continue to evolve, if anything can be done to improve workplace flexibility and give employees more freedom to perform in a way that best suits their working style, it is this. Working in a coworking space can significantly boost productivity, especially for entrepreneurs trying to grow their businesses in these unprecedented times.”

Over the past 12 months, WORQ has also grown significantly, with the majority of its four locations (its three coworking spaces and one enterprise workspace) operating at nearly full capacity. 

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