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    It’s Really Tempting Elon, But Twitter Blue Is Not For Me

    Elon and team truly knows how to take advantage of that soft spots the users are craving for.

    Finally Twitter Blue is now available in Malaysia and other emerging economies, after the long wait. Looking at the present sentiments out there in my Twitter feed, many of my Twitter friends are considering it big time. As a matter of fact, to give Elon Musk MYR35 per month is nothing. It’s not even 1 per cent of your pay—which amount is a no-brainer. It’s too cheap to compare what you’ll be getting.

    What are the features?

    What will you be getting actually? Here, check this out.

    I must say kudos to Elon and his team at Twitter for truly knowing the weakest points, or should I say the soft spots of typical social media users. What are those soft spots? Well, being a typical social media user myself during those early days of the social media craze, getting better exposure and acquiring millions of followers on Twitter were always the main objectives of my game plan. That being said, I will always look forward to finding any possible way to cut the journey short to achieve those objectives. The faster, the better.

    So, having that verification blue tick or blue checkmark would definitely help me stand out. It will show that I’m not average—someone with better credentials. Combined with editable tweets, the capability to tweet longer, the ability to upload better quality videos and others will also help me to fast-track my followers-acquisition journey. But really, is it truly worth subscribing?

    Is Twitter Blue worth it?

    To most of the people in the Twitterverse, yes. To me, no. Here are my reasons. First, I am not interested in the pay-to-play social game. If I were to start this, I can never stop the addiction and will continue to be paying and paying for exposure. This doesn’t sit right with me.

    Second, social media is secondary to my overall personal branding and content distribution plan. I am pivoting myself to spend more time writing. There are a few platforms I will have my content parked. I can write long-form content, edit them and grow my email subscribers here, in a big way—for free. People can come here and read my stuff for free too without restrictions as 300th is a free content-sharing platform. And at the same time, I can be searchable on Google and other search engines better too. All I have to do is to produce quality content, and it doesn’t matter if the content is short or long. Before this, I used to spend time on Medium, but I realised after that, that the platform is great if my audience is in the US or Europe.

    Third, the exposure is only limited to Twitter, that is it. Just like the rest of the social media platforms, Twitter is a gated platform. When I have content on a gated platform such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, they aren’t always indexable. When search engines aren’t able to index my content there, they aren’t searchable. If people were to search for some information regarding something, my content on Twitter will not be displayed on Google’s suggested list on the first page even though its quality is great.

    Four, the blue checkmark that I subscribed to could backfire. Instead of people looking at me with a certain level of credibility, they might look at me as the person who pays Twitter to look credible especially when my followers are still merely at a single-digit thousand.

    Again, this is just me.

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