Is 10 Too Young to Glow Up? Diving Into Kids Anti-Ageing Trend


Hold the phone, because the beauty aisle at Sephora just got invaded by pre-teens, armed with TikTok tutorials and a thirst for good skin vibes. Videos of these mini-mes cruising through shelves, trying on glittery lip glosses and mimicking mom’s whole nighttime routine are blowing up, but it’s got some folks raising eyebrows (and maybe adding “pre-teen skincare guide” to their Google search).

On one hand, learning about self-care early is cool. Gentle washing, keeping skin hydrated, and slapping on some SPF can become healthy habits for life. Plus, who doesn’t love feeling pampered after a long day of, you know, being ten?

#Prejuvenation Is A Thing Now?

Forget anti-ageing, teens on TikTok are all about #prejuvenation. Their meticulously crafted skincare routines tackle everything from blemishes to wrinkles, proving good skin habits never have an age limit.

For example, let’s look into Carson Bradley’s ritual.

This TikToker is all about giving her skin the royal treatment. From the double cleanse that melts away makeup and grime to the hydrating toner, the brightening vitamin C, the gentle exfoliation of glycolic acid, and the targeted blemish-fighting of salicylic acid, her routine is a masterclass in skin health. And to top it all off, she locks in the goodness with a double dose of moisturizer.

In a different video, she doubles down on anti-ageing, this TikToker adds apple cider tablets to her diet and applies over-the-counter retinol morning and night. Sun protection is non-negotiable, even in the car, so she crafts a paper window shield for those extra rays.

Here’s the thing: Bradley is just 14 years old. Yes. Twice a day retinol at 14. I’m as shocked as you.

Bradley’s video somehow made its way to Twitter AKA X and gained mixed responses.

“The whole beauty industry is going to hell, this is so bleak”, said one X user. This user added, “Not even being able to look out the window on a road trip because you’re terrified of getting a line on your face. The kids are not alright”.

One other user slammed Bradley’s reason for the ritual saying, “The issue lies in why she is doing it. It’s perfectly normal to have a skin routine, even when young. It helps with acne and sunscreen is always a must. She should be doing this to give a boost and to protect her skin, not because she’s ageing. That’s crazy to think at 14”.

While others were focusing on her usage of retinol at an early age, one user blamed the leeching beauty industries, “I can’t believe there’s a whole industry that’s made people believe they need to use 10000 products on their face full of chemicals to get healthy skin”.

So, is this a cool new trend or a recipe for disaster on young faces? Let’s break it down.

The Perks of Early Pampering:

Think about it: teaching kids to be kind to their skin early on is like planting a seed for a lifetime of healthy habits. Simple stuff like gentle cleansing, hydrating with the right stuff, and slapping on sunscreen become second nature, setting them up for future skin goals. Plus, it’s a fun way for them to explore self-care and feel confident in their own skin (which is way cooler than chasing filters, right?).

But Hold On, Let’s Not Go Crazy:

Adult products are like spicy food for kiddo skin – too harsh and it can cause redness, dryness, or even allergic reactions. Plus, bombarding them with anti-ageing serums and acne-fighting masks at this age can send confusing messages about beauty standards when they’re still figuring things out.

Finding the Sweet Spot:

So, where’s the happy medium? Here’s how to navigate this trend with your little glow-getter:

  • Keep it simple: Ditch the fancy stuff. Stick with gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens made for young skin. Think cuddly teddy bear vibes, not chemical cocktails.
  • Be their skincare bestie: Talk about the importance of taking care of their skin, but keep it light and fun. Let them explore different products and find what makes their skin happy.
  • Open door policy: Make sure they know they can always come to you with questions or concerns. No judgment, just chill skin-talk vibes.

Remember, the goal is to help them develop healthy habits they can carry into adulthood, not turn them into mini beauty gurus overnight. Let them explore, have fun, and learn to love the skin they’re in, all without burning it with grown-up potions.


So, is 10 too young? Not necessarily. Just keep it gentle, fun, and focused on healthy habits, and watch your pre-teen bloom into a confident, skin-loving superhero!

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