International Tech Events Sees Great Potential In Malaysia’s Technology Scene

ByTim Han

With the tech industry in Malaysia experiencing rapid growth and the government actively positioning the country as a hub for tech innovation and entrepreneurship, there is strong potential for international expansion. The government has also introduced several initiatives aimed at promoting the growth of the tech industry. For example, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) provides a wealth of resources and support for tech startups, while the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) offers tax incentives and other benefits to tech companies.

This is why BEYOND Expo, one of the largest technology events in Asia, sees a lot of potential in the Malaysian technology and startup ecosystem. So much so, that the organizers are partnering with local startup ecosystem builders like WORQ and Beyond 4 Tech to ensure the local startup community has an opportunity to be part of Asia’s largest technology events. The event will take place in Macao from 10-12 May 2023.

According to Dr Gang Lu, Co-Founder of BEYOND Expo, there is a lot to be bullish about when it comes to the Malaysian technology scene.

“BEYOND Expo holds significant potential to stimulate the country’s economic growth on a broader scale. In recent years, we have seen strong strides within the local technology ecosystem and the expo provides a platform for Malaysian technology companies to showcase their cutting-edge innovations to a global audience. It’s an opportunity for all the attendees, exhibitors, and speakers to come together, learn from each other, and share knowledge to advance the tech ecosystem in 2023. Don’t miss this chance to experience what the future of technology has to offer.”, said Dr Gang.

Introducing new technology and innovation to spur industry growth 

In a rapidly advancing world, industries such as Healthcare, Sustainability and ConsumerTech are some of the crucial sectors that will continue to play a significant role in the upcoming years. To remain relevant and stay on top of the latest trends to provide the best possible solutions for their consumers, these industries must constantly leverage the latest technologies available.

The Healthcare Industry has long been recognised as one of the most critical industries that should integrate technology to achieve greater accuracy at diagnosing and treating, higher efficiency, and most importantly, making Healthcare more accessible. ConsumerTech, on the other hand, transforms the way we live and work – with an increased amount of individuals showing reliance on these innovations such as building smart homes, wearables or even the metaverse. 

Sustainability is also quickly becoming a global concern with a growing demand for reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices. 87% of business leaders are expected to increase investments towards sustainability. For tech developers and business leaders hoping to remain relevant and competitive, the focus should be pivoted towards developing sustainable tech solutions. 

Dr Gang further shared, “The objective of BEYOND Expo is to establish itself as a premier technology exhibition and platform in Asia, featuring the latest technological innovations across diverse industries. We are excited to extend a warm invitation to innovative Malaysian enterprises to showcase their cutting-edge technologies and products on the global stage at this year’s event in Macao. In addition to the exhibition, attendees are encouraged to participate in our Demo session, Product Launch stage, Investor and Business Matchmaking session, and networking gatherings, offering a productive and enjoyable experience.”

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